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‘Pan Victory’

sung by Mickiel Gabriel
composed by Mickiel Gabriel
lyrics by Gerelle “Gel” Forbes



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Verse 1

Wonder what could make the people bawl
Fire coming from the sticks
’Cause the front line pans
have all the tricks
Don’t be taken by surprise
When the 3pans bring everything alive
Screaming in the atmosphere
“We here and we not going anywhere”
All the players on a high
And the music pushing the perfect vibe


Pan music sweet
But I love to feel the heat
Of the Panorama jamming hard
In the savannah
Music sweet but I love to feel the heat
Of the iron sparking up the mood
The heartbeat from the engine room
Man you know it clear
When you hear the bass line sing
We win, we win
We win, we win, we win, we win, we win

Verse 2

Somebody tell the drummer hold on
This year, we coming strong
And we not into repetition
Is either you have the skill
And you able to play while performing
And if you know you got to skate
Find the gate,
We not into dat kinda thing
Man is only melody
Hear the front line pans sing it for we



Tell them tell them tell them
Tell them we win (3x)

Verse 3

The objective is not just to perform
Music’s what we creating
Leave you speechless while you listening
Teaching people like a school
How the Steel pan is the golden tool
Forget all the politics
Only licks
That is we main business
Beating you with Melody
Syncopated Rhythms and Harmony



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“Pan Victory”
Mickiel Gabriel

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Mickiel Gabriel
Mickiel Gabriel

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Mickiel Gabriel, born May 6th 1991, is originally from Rio Claro in south east Trinidad. His family moved into Laventille, north Trinidad, where he began feeding his hunger for Pan. He attended Success Laventille Secondary School, and was part of the school’s steel orchestra, Success Stars Pan Sounds. In 2007, Mickiel became captain of the steel orchestra; this title would remain with him the following year, which was also the year he left school.

After leaving, he was offered a job to teach music at Success Laventille Secondary, which he accepted, and naturally - he kept the orchestra up and running throughout the year. Officially, he is now the band’s arranger, and thus far has led the band to numerous victories, Including SandFest 2010 and 2011, and the Trinidad & Tobago Junior Panorama in 2011. The steel orchestra currently has a full repertoire of arrangements done by Mickiel, and has performed for the country’s respective Prime Ministers, and on major stages like NAPA (National Academy for the Performing Arts), Naparima Bowl, and even hosted a full concert at the prestigious Queen’s Hall, St. Ann’s, in August 2011.

Mickiel is currently completing the Music Certificate program at the University of the West Indies and though he is known for his arranging capabilities, it is not odd to find him on a stage singing. As a vocalist he has done numerous performances, including entering the Junior Soca Monarch in 2008.

For the 2012 Panorama season, it is another first for Mickiel Gabriel - as a composer this time around - with Pan Victory featured here.  It is the tune of choice for defending Junior National Panorama champs Success Stars Pan Sounds in the 2012 competition.

Gerelle Forbes:  Singer, songwriter, actor, stage manager, musician and teacher - all are titles of Ms. Forbes. The 21 year old has completed the certificate in Music at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and is now preparing to study Musical Theatre outside of Trinidad. Originally a violinist, Gerelle learnt the Timpani and Marimba at UWI, but when it came to the steelpan, there was no hesitation.

Gerelle attended St. Francois Girl’s College, where she first played the instrument. She was the Captain of the school’s steel orchestra for two years before she left. She also represented the school at the annual Junior Soca Monarch competition numerous times, placing 3rd in her final year. Though she is currently the music teacher at Maple Leaf International School, she is also the Musical Director and drill master for Success Stars Pan Sound, of Success Laventille Secondary School.

Additionally, this versatile, multi-faceted young woman now brings her lyrical talents to the fore in Pan Victory composed by Mickiel Gabriel.  Success Stars Pan Sounds defends its Junior National Panorama championship title in the 2012 competition with the song.

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