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sung by “Chucky”
composed by Carlon Harewood
lyrics by Gerelle Forbes

produced by Ibo



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Verse 1

Players around are filled with intimidation
Case they know that our band are in top condition
Watching how we cross and approach the stage
You can see the anticipation on each face
All arrangers beware
Cause we coming this year
With a PumPeDum
(a jamming melody)
With real intensity
To more victory
For the world to see.

Chorus 1

Move out the way
The winning band taking over
We come out to play
You must remember
Remember to
Clear d way clear d way
Champions (x4)
Tell dem we jamming
Fire we blazing
Better than the rest
No one can test
With no deposition
We take first position
No need to question
We’re the champions.

Verse 2

Rulers and kings
in every game that we play in
Don’t think that we eh versatile in performing
Give us a ball
is goals we keep scoring
Talking cricket
We on the wicket
Man so swing
We eh frighten to work
Challenges are a joke
Feel the PumPeDum
(a jamming melody)
With real intensity
To more victory
For the world to see.


Verse 3

Everyone knows
Is we band who set the bar high
That goes to show
How the music live in we mind
Always tweaking
And keep developing
Ways to make the performance parallel with our skill
If you’re wanting a show
And the music to flow
Play the PumPeDum
(a jamming melody)
With real intensity
To more victory
For the world to see.


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Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Gerelle Forbes
Gerelle Forbes

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Gerelle Forbes: Singer, songwriter, actor, stage manager, musician and teacher – are all the titles of Ms Gerelle Forbes. The 22 year-old has completed the Certificate of Music at the University of The West Indies (UWI) and is now preparing to study Musical Theatre outside of Trinidad. Originally a violinist, Gerelle learnt the timpani and marimba at the UWI, but when it came to the steelpan, there was no hesitation.

Gerelle attended St. Francois Girls’ College, where she first played the instrument. She was the captain of the school's steel orchestra for two years before she left. She also represented her school at the Junior Soca Monarch competition numerous times, placing 3rd in her final year. She recently left teaching to focus on her studies and to work alongside other talented musicians.

Gerelle was the lyricist for Pan Victory vocalized by Mickiel Gabriel, which did indeed bring ‘victory’ to the Junior National Panorama champs Success Stars Pan Sounds as their tune of choice in the 2012 competition.  For the 2013 Panorama season Gerelle’s lyrical skills have again been called upon for the track featured here, Champions, while her vocal talents can be heard on Sapna (The Dream).

Carlon Harewood
Carlon Harewood

Carlon Sheldon Shurwayne Harewood:

Carlon has been arranging for steel pan for 23 years.  His arrangements have played out in fourteen Panoramas, placing 2nd with Potential Symphony in 2004, and with Trinidad East Side (his own Single Pan Band) in 2012. This 33 year-old musician spends most of his days happily behind his tenor pan. Carlon is also a former Captain, and 14 year-member of the National Symphony Steel Orchestra (NSSO).

His life in the panyard started when he was just a child in Potential Symphony, then led by his father, Trevor Adolphus Gildon.  It was with this band that Carlon, at age 14, did his first arrangement - of Lord Nelson’s, “La La”.

Carlon will confess that Pan is his passion, and it is what brings him his success today. However, this panman is known to also have a soft spot for football.  When he attended San Juan Senior Comprehensive, he was the captain of the school’s football team. His peers respected him both as a footballer and a panist. He was soon forced by his father to make a decision, and has committed to the steelpan instrument as his career ever since. Carlon can still be caught however, at football games and sometimes even on the field.

Friends, family, performers and panmen alike, would agree on the great talents of “Panman,” a name he normally goes by.  Carlon has played Pan, his country’s national instrument alongside many performers such as calypsonians Sugar Aloes, Baron, The Original Defosto Himself, Jah Cure, Stevie Wonder and Hugh Masekela, just to name a few.


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