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‘La Belle Rosette’

sung by Andrew “Lord Superior” Marcano
composed by Michael “Mike” Germain



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Verse 1

Dr. Beryl McBurnie,
was the grand lady who,
Guide us thru’ the first steps,
on the journey,
To make our folk dance acceptable, dances like the Bele and the Bongo.
That mean Mr. So and So,
and Ms. Dis and Dat too,
Could now come out and applaud,
art forms that were taboo.
She was the first to perform them on a stage,
with the Master Biddeau and even Tamboo Bamboo.


Come Sonnyboy, ah not going too far,
just give me a lift in your motor-car,
Come Sonnyboy, just give Aunty B a drop.
La Belle Rosette,
was her name when she rose to fame,
From Hollywood to Broadway,
but she knew that she couldn’t stay.
Because the land of her birth
keep calling her home,
So she decide to return to become the nation’s dance mother.

Verse 2

This true Caribbean woman,
long before Federation,
She dream us as one people,
a vision she maintained too.
She start she own Little Carib place,
to give the youth of the nation some direction.
She even went Jamaica, and inspire them,
To start their own dance theatre,
so to give her just due,
The late professor Nettleford,
Never fail to praise and thank her
for what she do.



Come cocotte, bend your knee,
slide back your leg just so,
That is how they know you could dance the Limbo.
Yes dahlin’ do your thing,
shake up them hips for so,
Let them see you Piquet dancing for so.

Verse 3

When a real strong mother dies, the “Drums Stop Talking,”
And all you hear is “Street Cries”
it look like the “Canes Burning”,
In this “Terra Seca” land all we have robber talk and devil dancing.
Take this little tip from me,
let’s go back to the “Early Days”,
Stop all of this disrespect,
and value each other’s ways,
Bring the love back to these islands,
let us all return to brighter days.

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“La Belle Rosette”
Lord Superior

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Lord Superior
“Lord Superior”

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From the ‘Boy Wonder’ to Lord Superior, Andrew Marcano has come a long way.   Born in Rio Claro, Trinidad, West Indies, he has earned the name ‘Lord Superior.’

At an early age Andrew Marcano started singing at functions in and around his hometown, and was given the title of the ‘Boy Wonder’ because of his natural talent. People approached his mother asking her to allow him to go to Port-of-Spain, the capital of Trinidad, where they hoped to present him as the ‘Boy Wonder.’ Alas his mother said no, he must further his education.

A few years later, now an accomplished guitarist as well as singer, his mother gave her blessings and off Marcano went to the ‘big city.’ Upon his arrival he was asked to audition for the Young Brigade Calypso Tent, the turning point of his career.

Lord Melody (composer of Mama look a Boo Boo) remarked that this ‘boy’ was ‘superior.’ The ‘Boy Wonder’ immediately and automatically became - Lord Superior.

Lord Superior appeared at night clubs around Trinidad, in other Caribbean islands, Venezuela, Canada and England.  In the latter performances he performed with many famous American artists; he eventually decided to stay in the United States.

While performing in Greenwich Village coffee house agent Jack Adato heard him and gave him bookings in the Caribbean pavilion in the World’s Fair, from this point Lord Superior’s popularity has steadily increased.

Composer Michael 'Mike' Germain
Composer Michael “Mike” Germain

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