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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2013 - HOME


sung by Jimmy Chambers
composed by Jimmy Chambers

produced by Gregg Assing

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Jimmy Chambers
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

It was mayhem in the Savannah
Semi finals last Panorama
Oye yo yoh!
Supporters got real defiant
To see the exit of their giant - treated so
I heard tens of thousands voices
crying out in the Savannah
“No no!”
“Why all yuh treat the ’Rados so?”


Over their heads, went over their heads
Too much for their heads -
Adjudicators’ heads
Desperados!  History will disclose
How you took the blows
Stand up you ’Rados -
and raise your heads
’Rados! ’Rados! ’Rados! ’Rados!

Verse 2

So they punish the young pretender
Huge potential - an innovator
Oye yo yoh!
And they exit Desperados
A commodity to be disposed -
like old clothes
It seems to me like they build
courses for favourite horses
No no! They makin’ you a pappy show.


Verse 3

It was the judges’ callous decision
That create this ball of confusion
Oye yo yoh!
My question is: “What’s the criteria?”
And to what should steelbands aspire?
They don’t know
Some say it was politics
that coerce the judges
No no! Stop mamaguying Trinbago.