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‘Tell Dem’

sung by Black Stalin & Steve Sealy
composed by Brian “Bean” Griffith



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Verse 1

Tell dem we not taking dat
We coming right back
To make a scene
yuh know what ah mean
So if yuh think we joking
When we comin’, plenty jammin’
We go put it back where it belong
Doh make no excuse
When we make the news
Pure fire,
we comin’ to light up de savannah.


So we comin’ again (we not taking dat)
We go inflict real pain (and dat is a fact)
Yuh know yuh cyar discourage we
Because we full ah energy
The time has come for all ah we
To wait and see real patiently
Yuh know they just cyar keep away
So we coming again
Ah want we all singing dis refrain
Tell dem, tell dem, tell dem, tell dem.

Verse 2

If yuh think we not ready
For dis fantasy
Just wait and see
How bad it could be
We go teach dem a lesson
For one reason
Dey must listen
To the voices in the savannah
When yuh bad! Yuh bad!
Stay comin’real hard
No stoppin’
So they could know who is the real thing.


Verse 3

After all is said and done
It boils down to fun
For all of us, so doh make no fuss
This ain’t no war we fighting
Me and Stalin, is plenty lovin’
We go treat each other with respect
When it done! It done
We doh have to mourn
We culture
Is only a musical war.


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“Tell Dem”
Black Stalin & Steve Sealy

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Black Stalin
Black Stalin

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Brian “Bean” Griffith

Brian “Bean” Griffith - has been in the ‘business’ for fifty years and started playing the steelpan at age 14. He has performed with some of Trinidad & Tobago’s top steel orchestras and also arranged for single pan, small, medium and large steel orchestras over the years.

While he (Brian “Bean” Griffith) maintains that “Panorama is a cultural event that cannot really be judged; judges have a duty to remain focused, respect every artistic expression and not just scribble any score when the performance is over.”

“The judges need to seek more innovative introspect to fully appreciate the efforts involved in arranging steel band music.”  “Bean” believes that judges should spend more time visiting yards prior to the competition, to respect the hard work and dedication of the musicians who spend countless hours preparing their compositions on steel.

No Bull was his composition for the last Panorama season, and 2013 finds “Bean” not holding back and telling it like it is once again, in this track—Tell Dem—vocalized by the legendary Black Stalin (Dr. Leroy Calliste) and Steve Sealy.

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