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‘Thank You Bertie’

sung by Wayne T.J. Pierre
composed by Wayne T.J. Pierre

arranged by Dave Ramoutar



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Verse 1

We dedicating this Panorama
To an innovator
To a steel grandmaster
A man who started with the harmonica
Then he used those powers
For the steel orchestra
Everybody say they love the jam
Dat is the man who amp the Pan
Everybody honoring the man
Who developed Pan in this century


Bertie, doh mind yuh gone
Bertie, you will live on
Bertie, in every band
Bertie, we go call yuh name….
Throughout the land
Bertie, you did your best
Bertie, now take yuh rest
Bertie, Bertie, we thank you.

Verse 2

In song we honor his contribution
His dedication
His works and visions
Ah simple man with fire and passion
Who transformed the steel pan
And united nations
Coming up the road he had it rough
Pan men really have it tough
Seventy-five grand not enough
Look how much he gave to dis country.



Bertie, Bertie - champion
Bertie, Bertie - Pan man
Bertie, Bertie - “G” pan
Double tenor, quadrophonic
Bertie, Bertie - tuner
Bertie, Bertie - teacher
Bertie, Bertie - boy we thank you.

Verse 3

Now take your place in the hall of history
You did your duty
To God and country
You gave your best and you gave it freely
Through adversity
He still created history
He spread the knowledge through the world
He gave the Pan men more control
Everybody loving up the jam
Everybody loving up the Pan



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“Thank You Bertie”
Wayne T.J. Pierre

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Wayne “T.J.” Pierre
Wayne T.J. Pierre

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Born in December of 1964 and from a family with a strong musical background, Wayne T.J. Pierre’s singing career started as a young boy who was determined to show the world what a “son of the soil” could accomplish. His creativity and rise took him to the next level; today he is a professional singer, composer and recording artist a.k.a. De Sappa, a name given to him by the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force during his 10 year-reign there as Calypso king from 2001 to 2010. He is now retired as a soldier but not from the Calypso art form.

Wayne has been writing and recording for the past 20 years. His biggest hits—such as “In Defence of T & T” and “Lock Down”—have taken him all over Trinidad & Tobago to perform and even for various primary schools, because of the message and lyrics he carries in his songs. His repertoire includes selections like ‘Something in de Panyard,’ ‘Men of Class,’ ‘Above the Law,’ ‘Think Security,’ ‘Buy Buy’ and much more.

For 2013 Wayne is coming hot and has recorded the track featured here, Thank You Bertie, for the upcoming Panorama season. It is arranged by Dave Ramoutar, with background vocals by Carol Jacobs. “Pan Men, this track is for you - Enjoy!!” declares Pierre.

Edited by C. Phillips


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