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‘Ah Cyah Wait’

sung by Wayne “TJ” Pierre
composed by Wayne Pierre

arranged by Dave Ramoutar



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Verse 1

There’s ah sound in the air
That tells me time is near
Look mih blood start to crawl
When the steel, pan start to call
Looking out mi window
Melody start to flow
In mih head like shadow
Ah just want to go


Ah cyah wait, ah cyah wait
Ah cyah wait, ah cyah wait
Ah cyah wait

Ah can’t wait to meet dem boys in the savannah
Ah can’t wait to see Yvette and Pam
Ah can’t wait to meet up with the rhythm section
Ah can’ wait to hear dem sweet steel pan
Hear dem tenors ringing
And dem bass line humming
Them guitars strumming
Ah go play ah mas
Ah cyah wait, ah cyah wait
Ah cyah wait, ah cyah wait
ah cyah wait

Verse 2

Like one big, explosion
Echoing through the land
Anywhere that you go
You could hear, the pan echo
Some sweet melodies
Lovely harmonies
All dem pan yard busy
Is pure energy


Can’t wait to jump up,
Can’t wait to prance up,
Can’t wait to play mih self on the Baba-green
Meeting and greeting friends,
Laughing and sharing,
True love and unity,
You know what ah mean

To hear dem tenors ringing
And dem bass line humming
Hear dem guitars strumming
Ah cyah wait, ah cyah wait
Ah cyah wait, ah cyah wait,
Ah cyah wait

Verse 3

Feel the love feel the vibe
The whole town comes alive
To the sweet sound of steel
It’s a joy you can’t conceal
Where you from don’t matter
In the Panorama
Is where perfect strangers
Love up each other.


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“Ah Cyah Wait”
Wayne “TJ” Pierre

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Wayne “TJ” Pierre
Wayne “TJ” Pierre

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Born in December of 1964 and from a family with a strong musical background, Wayne T.J. Pierre’s singing career started as a young boy who was determined to show the world what a “son of the soil” could accomplish. His creativity and rise took him to the next level; today he is a professional singer, composer and recording artist a.k.a. De Sappa, a name given to him by the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force during his 10 year-reign there as Calypso king from 2001 to 2010. He is now retired as a soldier but not from the Calypso art form.

Wayne has been writing and recording for the past 20 years. His biggest hits—such as “In Defence of T & T” and “Lock Down”—have taken him all over Trinidad & Tobago to perform and even for various primary schools, because of the message and lyrics he carries in his songs. His repertoire includes selections like ‘Something in de Panyard,’ ‘Men of Class,’ ‘Above the Law,’ ‘Think Security,’ ‘Buy Buy’ and much more.

In 2013 Wayne recorded Thank You Bertie for the Panorama season.  For 2014 the focus is on the track featured here, Ah Cyah Wait.

“2013 has been a successful year for me, having the band that performed my song Mash Up De Stage make it to the semi-finals of Trinidad & Tobago’s National Panorama. Although their journey stopped at the semis, to me making it that far was a success. 

“However, for 2014, my intentions are to raise the bar a little higher with the release of my new song Ah Cyah Wait produced by Dave Ramoutar with background vocals by Carol Jacobs.  Keeping on the same team that took us to the 2013 Panorama semi-finals, we expect even greater success for the upcoming year,” declares Pierre.

Edited by C. Phillips

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