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‘Big In De Dance’

sung by Anslem Douglas
composed by Brian “Bean” Griffith



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Verse 1

When dey hit the stage
Is pan in a rage
Dey turn ah new page
’Cause dey come of age
Jumping, prancing, wailing
(while performing)
Jamming in dey section
They come out to play
With flames an’ fire
Mix with desire
With a little time we know dey could -
Take over


Woman in the band
Jamming more than man
With a bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang tradition
Dey ready to go
An put on ah show ’cause -
Dey nice dey nice __ dey sweet dey sweet
Dey neat dey neat
Dey looking better than we
So bright - we love when dey smile
In flight - watch dem for a while
All night - have we going wild
Leggo, get on, and prance
And dance, and prance
Yuh big in the dance

Verse 2

One thing we could say
Watching day by day
In a special way
Dem sisters could play
Moving, grooving, swaying, and gyrating
Workin’ up dey body
So proud to be there
They does practice hard
They first in de yard
They cyah wait to start
So dey could go on and on



(So bright - we love when dey smile
In flight - watch dem for a while
All night - have we going wild
Leggo, get on, and prance) x4

Verse 3

When dey playing pan
Ah cyar understand
They doh want no man
To even hold dey hand
Doh try to stop them from concentrating
If you want to see them really get on bad
Tell dem that dey can’t
Even rave an rant
They will show you then
That you cyah really stop them



(So bright - we love when dey smile
In flight - watch dem for a while
All night - have we going wild
Leggo, get on, and prance) x4

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“Big In De Dance”
Anslem Douglas

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Vocalist Anslem Douglas
Anslem Douglas
Photo courtesy and © Sean Nero

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For the 2014 Panorama season, Big In De Dance is sung by Anslem Douglas, one of the top vocalists out of Trinidad & Tobago. The  Grammy award-winning composer of “Who Let The Dogs Out,” Douglas’ vocal work has also brought alive such marquis ‘Pan Songs’ as Len “Boogsie” Sharpe’s Musical Vengeance, and Battle Zone and It’s Showtime by Edwin Pouchet to name but three, over the last few years.



Brian “Bean” Griffith

Brian “Bean” Griffith - has been in the ‘business’ for more than fifty years and started playing the steelpan at age 14. He has performed with some of Trinidad & Tobago’s top steel orchestras and also arranged for single pan, small, medium and large steel orchestras over the years.

Griffith maintains that “Panorama is a cultural event that cannot really be judged; judges have a duty to remain focused, respect every artistic expression and not just scribble any score when the performance is over.”

“The judges need to seek more innovative introspect to fully appreciate the efforts involved in arranging steel band music.”  “Bean” believes that judges should spend more time visiting yards prior to the competition, to respect the hard work and dedication of the musicians who spend countless hours preparing their compositions on steel.

No Bull was his composition for the 2012 Panorama season, and in 2013 “Bean” did not hold back, telling it like it is in—Tell Dem—vocalized by the legendary Black Stalin (Dr. Leroy Calliste) and Steve Sealy.  He lightens up a bit and celebrates for the 2014 Panorama season with Big In De Dance featured here.

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