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‘On De Drag’

sung by Joanne Foster
composed by Don Clarke
lyrics by Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

produced by Junior “IBO” Joseph



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Verse 1

There is a kinda magic
And yes it is so terrific
Whenever dem golden pan sticks
Call dey fans to come down quick
But wherever on dis Earth
In a panyard or a concert
A mystic aura does float
Around all dem sweet pan notes
There is a buzz - electric
And so special
When dem oil drums ignite
Talk about ah musical space
Dat de world does embrace
Checking out on old friends
Rubbing shoulders again
The joy on faces you see
In de community
Passion flowing free


On de drag,
With your Stag
Feeling free
Spirits climb
In yah prime
Having a time---- Big lime
On de drag
Boast and brag
Do yuh do
Wid yuh crew
On de beat
In de heat
Yuh day complete
Real sweet

Verse 2

Yuh’ll hear man shooting de breeze
’Bout arrangers and de change keys
Shootouts and de old rivalries
Judge comments and sad stories
Who band was de best
Which players dem had more finesse
Who going to top de contest
From de East and de West
What sounds like war
To de uninitiated
Is just ego and pride
Man searching for bragging rights
No one looking for fight
If past and present collide
And pan-fans does take side
We draw, we win or we lose
We light another fuse
Pan doh make excuse




The atmosphere
Is so terrific
As people share
Cam’raderie and plenty music
A place – of energy
Space – where people free
To taste musical glory.

Verse 3

From de T-shirts and colours
Yuh could work out who's a sponsor
Although it have plenty hustlers
Wear free jersey in layers
De Drag is noted
For nice food and heady liquids
People from across de world grid
Form a people pyramid
Is de same vibe yuh go feel
On de Parkway
And up in Nottinghill
Queen’s Park Savannah, Queen’s Hall
Skinner’s Park, Scarborough Mall
In de Hollows - de Greens
Caribana scene
Everybody is there
A musical thoroughfare
Magic fills de air.


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“On De Drag”
Joanne Foster

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Joanne Foster
Joanne Foster

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Joanne Foster: She first stepped into the entertainment spotlight in 1988 as a vibrant young teenager, immediately announcing her potential by being awarded ‘Best Soloist & Dancer’ at the San Fernando Arts Festival for Schools. The following year she placed second in the National Teen Talent Show.

In 1994 Joanne Foster emerged as one of COTT’s (Copyright Organisation of Trinidad & Tobago) National Song Festival Winners. She made her 1995 debut at the Spectacular Forum, copping the National Carnival Commission (NCC) award for the ‘Most Promising Female Calypsonian.’ Joanne was also a Calypso Fiesta semi finalist in her first appearance at that Skinner Park event.  She would make five subsequent appearances at the Semi Finals: 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008.  Additionally, from  2003 she was in the South Monarch Competition finals for eight consecutive years.

A background vocalist attached to the Junior “Ibo” Joseph Dancing Dread Studio for many years, Joanne has sung background vocals for many of the top calypsonians in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2012 she made her debut in the ‘Pan Tune’ genre with an exciting tribute to Pan women everywhere called Pan Woman Jammin’.

For 2013, the 50th anniversary of Panorama, Joanne delivered a stirring, uptempo, pulsating tribute to Steelpan tuners the world over with More than an Oil Drum, another collaboration with Don Clarke and “GB” - with which she won the 2013 Calypso Queen title in Trinidad and Tobago. The versatile vocalist is back again in the ongoing collaboration for 2014, bringing to the fore tunes for pan - On De Drag and Take Me With You.

Don Clarke

Don Clarke’s entry into the world of composing music for the steelpan took place in 2004, when he composed The Bomb vocalised by Edwin Ayoung aka ‘Crazy.’  Celebrated Pan arranger Robert Greenidge arranged the song that year for Pan Knights as their Panorama selection.

Don has composed a number of pieces for the steelpan - the likes of Pan Mamaguy, Delgado – a musical tribute to the deceased iconic Pan maker Lincoln “Delgado” Noel, River LimeMomentum and Pan Woman Jammin’.

An Atlanta, Georgia, USA resident - Don makes the annual pilgrimage to his homeland to immerse himself in the intensity of the steelband Panorama and to keep grounded with developments within the steelpan community in Trinidad & Tobago.

For 2014 the awesome foursome of Don Clarke, Gregory Ballantyne, Junior “Ibo” Joseph and Joanne Foster have again come together to produce two exciting compositions for the Pan:  Take Me With You and the track featured here, On De Drag.

Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

Gregory “GB” Ballantyne began composing professionally in 1986, when he collaborated with Len “Boogsie” Sharpe to pen Pan Rising and Dis Feeling Nice sung by Denise Plummer. In the ensuing years he would co-write winning Panorama selections for Desperadoes, and again for Phase II.

In Trinidad, GB’s compositions have won the National Calypso Monarch (Senior and Junior) Young King, International Humour, National Queen, Unattached Monarch, South Calypso King and East Zone Monarch.  His works have placed artistes like Rikki Jai, Devon Seale, The Mystic Prowler, Aaron Duncan, to name a few, into winner’s row.

GB’s credits also include National and Regional Calypso Monarch titles in Antigua and Anguilla, as well as Chutney hits such as ‘Tassa-Man’ sung by Rooplal Gidharie and the perennial favourite ‘Ribbons’ sung by Marilyn Williams.

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