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‘Pan In Rio’

sung by Jimmy Chambers
composed by Jimmy Chambers



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Verse 1

Imagine pan in Rio
No samba only soca and calypso
In the streets of Brazil
Pan taking over their carnival
With hypnotising rhythms
Sweet melodies on oil drums
Expressing our freedom
Forever infinitum 
The science of panology
Have Rio going crazy
When they hear rhythm and harmony

Chorus 1

Rio Rio
The sound of pan is coming down your avenue
Mega and powerful, colourful too
The greatest show
Pan in Rio

Verse 2

A total fascination
for the steelbands of our nation
Say hello pan trinibago
Say one for the Ambassadors of pan
Show case Panorama
Let the people get the flavour
Right down to the wire
And keep it ticking over
The magic of steelbands explode
All over samba Rio watch dem Brazilians over load

Chorus 2

Mid 8
Rio Rio.. tell them we coming down to Rio x2
Rio Rio... TnT flag flying down in Rio x2 

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“Pan In Rio”
Jimmy Chambers

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Jimmy Chambers
Jimmy Chambers

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Born in the Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T), Jimmy Chambers came to England with great expectations of being a successful singer and has since realised that ambition.

Having graduated college, Jimmy met up with up-and-coming vocalists of the day including Robert Palmer with whom he co-fronted the band DaDa. Jimmy recorded solo after the demise of DaDa and had success in the dance charts in the 80s before recording an album with Paul Young and doing a world tour with him. He also performed at Wembley Stadium with Paul at LIVE AID in 1985.

In 1987 Jimmy teamed up with pals Jimmy Helms, George Chandler and Willy M and co-founded Londonbeat. Jimmy wrote the song “I’ve Been Thinking About You” which Londonbeat recorded. The song became a massive hit getting to #1 in 27 countries! Londonbeat still gigs regularly all over the world.

Jimmy has also recorded with other major artists such as Tina Turner (Break Every Rule) and Fine Young Cannibals (The Raw and the Cooked). In 2005 Jimmy wrote and collaborated with the group Laventille Rhythm Section of Trinidad and Tobago with the songs “Warriors” and “North Stand.”

In 2012 Jimmy wrote songs for Panorama – including Underdog, also for J’Ouvert; he wrote about the present situation in T&T and also for the Carnival celebrations. For 2013 he came with two songs for the Carnival season,  – ’Rados!  – a tribute to the legendary steel orchestra Desperadoes, and Trini Girls, in which he pays homage to the beauties of his Caribbean homeland.

And now the 2014 Panorama season also bears his musical imprint with both Blows, and Pan In Rio, the track featured here.

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