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‘Pan Is Meh Life’

sung by Lenox Picou
composed by Miguel Reyes



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Verse 1

Talking last night with Jit ’bout pan! Pan!
Say boy I cyah resist meh pan!
Sweet pan

I say from a little boy
The pan was meh pride and joy
No they cyah take it from me
Every note and every phrasing
As I grow and as I aging
Is the thing that I only playing, saying


I eating and breathing sleeping pan
(Is my life)
Soon as I wake meh stick in hand
(Is my life)
All -- I -- know
Has made me sooooo!
Ah cyah remember no time
Pan was not on my mind
Wohhhhh! Wohhh Yohhh !

(Pan is meh life
This is meh life
Pan is meh life
This is meh life)  x2

Verse 2

Remember as a child - is pan! Pan
They thought I running wild
Is pan! Sweet pan

From the time the tent light up
I behind meh pan nonstop
Not out roaming in the streets
‘Rama was meh favorite time
Rack and pan and riddem lime
Iron knocking - steel ready to blow -
Let’s go!




Bridge.. Play boy! Hu!! Horns play! Wohhhh

Verse 3

Is years I talking ‘bout meh pan! Pan
I just cyah live without
Meh pan! Sweet pan

J’Ouvert morning pan clash
Note for note bassman lash
Music flowing in de air

Fighting battles, winner row
Jubilation afterglow
You know how de ting does always go
Oh oh



Pan is meh life
This is meh life (x2)
Ask “Boogsie” if all yuh doh believe meh

Man ah cyah remember no time
Pan was not on my mind
Wohhhhh woh yohhhh..!!

Pan is meh life
This is meh life (x2)

Dane Gulston, Robbie Greenidge,
Ken “Professor” ha ha
Jit Samaroo.. All them boy and them
Love for the pan...
This is meh life (x2)

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“Pan Is Meh Life”
Lennox Picou

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Lennox Picou
Lennox Picou

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A San Juan, Trinidad born native, Lennox started his career at a young age on the local television station in Trinidad. He moved on to popular local bands as lead vocalist, gaining national recognition.

Lennox has worked with many top local artists like the Mighty Sparrow, Mighty Duke, and others, lending his voice as back-up support on many recordings. He performed with reputable bands like Byron Lee & the Dragonaires.

Lennox teamed up with Leston Paul and the New York Connection as lead vocalist and together produced major hits such as “Doh Bother Meh,” “Get Up and Dance” and “Dancing.” His versatility as an entertainer encompasses many genres; Calypso, Soca, Soul, R&B etc. His musical career has earned him recognition at home in Trinidad, the United States, and England.

Lennox’s passion for music includes composing, and actively collaborating in the arrangement, and production of the songs he performs.

Miguel Reyes

Composer and panist Miguel Reyes, who shares the same hometown with the late Aldwyn Roberts aka Lord Kitchener is from Arima in east Trinidad. 

Recognition came Miguel’s way in 2009 with his acclaimed ‘pan tune’ Bandoleros, vocalized by Tunapuna Scanty.   It took Sforzata Steel Orchestra in Trinidad & Tobago’s medium band category to winner’s row.

International acclaim via New York was just a few months away when two veteran and world-renowned steel orchestras - Despers USA, and eventual Panorama champion Sonatas with arranger Yohan Popwell -  also opted for Bandoleros as their panorama tune of choice.

Currently residing in New York, about three years ago Miguel released his first full CD called “Panorama Fest 2010.”  His original content included such as Pan Injustice and  De Last Band.

A competent musician, for the 2014 Panorama season Miguel Reyes unveils tracks such as Mr. Pan, In Meh Band, and Pan Is Meh Life - featured here.

Bio by C. Phillips

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