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‘This Is It’

sung by Shirlane Hendrickson
composed by Clive Telemaque



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Verse 1

This is it, is ah hit
Let’s do it, come with it - Party people
For the young and the old
You could lose your control and lose it
Take your time if you want to wine
You could shake up your whole behind
This is one of ah kind
That could really play with your mind
Party flavour with no behavior
Do something

Party time -- no behaviour
Start to wine -- no behaviour
Move your waist -- no behaviour
In the place -- this is it – this is it – this is it


Time to wine and shake up
Time to love and make up
Come on people wake up
Move your waist don’t break up
When we shake we dimples
Everybody tremble
We give dem goose pimples
We don’t want no trouble
We come to save the town
With this big sweet song
If you looking to play a hit
Remember this is it
Put it on your playlist, this is it

Verse 2

Music sweet, meet and greet
Check the vibes, of the beat
Everybody -
That moment with one another
Does bring us together
That feeling is just so unique
That’s the time we does meet and greet
That’s why I say to you
That love that we had before
We missed it bad, let’s do it again
This is it

Dem woman -- that love that we had
In the band -- that love that we had
Wining up -- that love that we had
Music sweet -- this if it – this is it
This is it



Verse 3

This is how, you do it
To connect with today, for tomorrow
If you want to move with the time
You just have to follow
This is not ah conversation
It is my imagination
I am just being real
If you really want to succeed
Step it up I say, time to break way
Move with it

Time to fete -- time to break way
Till yuh wet -- time to break way
Jump and sway -- time to break way
Time to play -- this is it –
This is it – this is it


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“This Is It”
Shirlane Hendrickson

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Clive Telemaque
Clive Telemaque

photo by Alain Hottat

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Clive Telemaque has been playing Pan since 1972 when he was still a small boy. He started to play with Renegades Steel Orchestra on Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain, and then went onto Trinidad All Stars in 1973.

Telemaque has travelled around the world a few times, visiting places like India, Africa, Japan, England, North Korea, the USA and many others. He has also performed in local competitions in his homeland of Trinidad, at shows, wedding parties and other occasions.

He is a past arranger for St. Margaret Boys Anglican School, winning three Junior Panorama competitions and also taking the Gonzales Sheikers to nine Panorama finals in eleven years. Telemaque composed a Calypso some years ago which was sung by Protector, who in turn went on to capture the Young Kings crown performing the selection. From 2000 Telemaque began working with the Carnival Cruise Line, and performed as a premier soloist on the vessels through 2010.

In 2012, in his first attempt at a “Pan song,” Telemaque composed Play Yourself which was the winning tune at the Panorama Finals 2012 Large Band category, performed by his band Trinidad All Stars.

For the 2013 season Trinidad All Stars again opted for his talents in the popular Bounce and Drive.  Panorama 2014 would probably not be the same without Telemaque’s musical input once more, so pan lovers can enjoy Excitement and the track featured here, This Is It.

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