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‘Ah Touch Of Class’

sung by Angela Khalifa Greenidge
composed by Mervyn Padmore & Terry Figuera
lyrics by David Goddard



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“Ah Touch Of Class”
Angela Khalifa Greenidge

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

I’m ah Pan Woman
An’ I get these melodies
It keep captivating me
This eh no lie
As ah musician
I can understand
Music flowing with passion
It’s just ah next creation
Just like this melody sweet
Young and old moving to the beat
My admiration
And love for the steelband
Sometimes yuh hit frustration
But no monies...


In this lovely nation
Land of Calypso an’ Pan
As ah true Trinbagonian
The pride and joy of ah nation
Ah touch of class ask any panman
Pan Pioneers would die
Forever pan flies high
Ah work of art through inspiration

Verse 2

The role of the steelband in our society
Helping to build comminutes
Throughout this land
With determination
And the right vision
Getting the youths’ attention
Giving them some direction
Keep young people off of the streets
With ah rhythm sounding so sweet
Take guns out their hands
An’ give them the steelpan
Develop ah strong foundation, for all to see



Out of pain came forth The Pan
Given to us by almighty hands
Pride of Trinbagonians
Known as the latest invention
Pan to the world
From our soul
Let this story be told
Inspiration joy to the nation

Verse 3

Thanks must be given
To those who made our history
Tuners from this country
Some of whom died
Their courage and wisdom
To choose the steeldrum
We must always make mention
Give thanks for their creation
From tamboo bamboo take to the streets
To Steelbands sounding full and complete
It’s just my intention
For recognition
’Cause of their innovation, it sounding so sweet


Copyright 2014

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Vocalist Angela Khalifa Greenidge
Angela Khalifa Greenidge


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From left to right:  David Goddard, Terry Kinsale Figuera and Mervyn Padmore
From left to right:  David Goddard, Terry Kinsale Figuera and Mervyn Padmore

David Goddard, Mervyn Padmore and Terry Kinsale Figuera are all former members of different steel orchestras around Trinidad & Tobago. Together they traveled the world playing Trinidad & Tobago’s national instrument. They are now combining their talents to produce beautiful music, such as the song featured here, Ah Touch Of Class. The music is by Padmore and Figuera, with lyrics by Goddard.

Last year the trio put their talents to use, coming up with Ah Beautiful Invention.


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