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sung by Peter D’Royce
composed by Miguel Reyes



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Peter D’Royce

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

I telling you from as far as I know
Arima to deep south San Fernando
From hills of Laventille
To de streets of my Tobago
Diego Martin, Sangre Grande and all de way up Toco
You could find ah Panman to tell you what I say
Pan from foreign - Dey reach but eh dey


I have seen pan in Russia
Pan played Australia
But nothing
I tell you nothing
I have seen pan in Holland
Pan played in England
But nothing
I tell you nothing
Compare to Trinidad
Compare to how we bad
Compare to anyway that you go
Compare to Tobago
Compare to where you go
Compare to any place that you know
I tell you we -  blaze it
Blaze it up - blaze it
We blaze it - blaze it up - blaze it
I tell you is heat heat heat heat heat heat heat
In Trinidad we saying Pan Blazing

Verse 2

When you see de pan roll J’Ouvert morning
And you hear de bass and tenors talking
You foot and you hands does react
You throw them up in de air
De guitar pan make ah run
You hand spread out wide you doh care
You does feel ah freedom like freedom never know
Nothing sweeter Pan in Trinbago



Men like “Boogsie”
Liam Teague and KP
Earl Rodney and Brooks and La Pierre
Dane Gulston and Yohan travel far from dis land
Spreading we great talent out there
And we bad, yes we bad
And we bad, yes we bad
And is heat heat heat heat heat heat heat
In Trinidad we saying Pan Blazing
Check de pan !

Verse 3

I remember I was cruising de seas
When I hear ah pan tone pass in the breeze
I walk in de direction of de sounds of ah tenor man
Playing ah slow melody of ah old time Jamaican song
When I came round I was just taken by surprise
It was a clear skin baldhead white man with blue eyes


I tell you is fire!! Rep
Blazing!  Blazing!  Blazing!

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Peter D'Royce
Peter D'Royce

Hailing from Siparia Trinidad, Peter D’Royce is a well-known singer and leader of Trinbago Massive Rhythm Group in Brooklyn, New York. He was also the one-time lead quarto player for Daisy Voisin's La Divina Pastora parang group. In addition, Peter is an original member of the Siparia Deltones steelband from south Trinidad and still plays with the band every year when he returns home for carnival.


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Peter and Miguel have come together for the carnival/ pan selection once more. In 2010 the duo's collaboration came together on De Last Band which was played at that year's New York Panorama competition by six-time champion steel orchestra Despers USA. For the 2015 season they are back with Blazing, the song featured here.

Miguel Reyes

Composer and panist Miguel Reyes, who shares the same hometown with the late Aldwyn Roberts aka Lord Kitchener is from Arima in east Trinidad. 

Recognition came Miguel’s way in 2009 with his acclaimed ‘pan tune’ Bandoleros, vocalized by “Tunapuna Scanty.”   It took Sforzata Steel Orchestra in Trinidad & Tobago’s medium band category to winner’s row.

International acclaim via New York was just a few months away when two veteran and world-renowned steel orchestras - Despers USA, and eventual Panorama champion Sonatas with arranger Yohan Popwell -  also opted for Bandoleros as their panorama tune of choice.

Currently residing in New York, about three years ago Miguel released his first full CD called “Panorama Fest 2010.”  His original content included such as Pan Injustice and  De Last Band.

A competent musician, the last time around Miguel Reyes put out Pan Is Meh Life, In Meh Band and Mr. Pan.  He is back for the 2015 Panorama season with Donna, (Rebecca Daughter) and Blazing,  featured here.

Bio by C. Phillips


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