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‘Donna (Rebecca Daughter)’

sung by Roger George
composed by Miguel Reyes



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“Donna (Rebecca Daughter)”
Roger George

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Ah shame for she but ah watching
Ah want to see what she doing
Ah know the gal from de village up they in Grande
Ah know she since she's ah lil child
Never know she to run wild
So ah standing up they with everybody to see
De crowd start to form in ah big circle
De talk start to spread she unstable
Facebook Twitter Instagram
Everybody phone in hand
Scandal in motion
Country gal come to town ! town! town


Donna taking off she shirt
Donna raising up she skirt
Donna throwing up she hand
Donna grabbing any man
She behaving rude
Man she lewd and vulgar
She getting on bad, getting on bad getting on bad

She smoking something
She sniffing something
She drinking something
Rum or puncheon something
Wiggling up she body like ah macajuel
Getting on bad! Getting on bad! Getting on baddd!
She smoking something aye!
She sniffing something wow!
She drinking something aye!
Rum or puncheon something. Aye! Ha ha

Verse 2

Ah cyah believe what ah seeing
She going down and she wining
Ah doh want people to know I know where she living
Ah spectacle she on display
If you see how she break way
She bend down on de ground
Showing it off in town
Man start to bawl when she bend over
Showing de world she splendor
Video taping in galore
Internet posting for sure
Ah star is born
Country gal come to town! Town! Town!


Verse 3

Ah doh know how long she get so
What she drink smoke or swallow
She getting on like she high on something ah doh know
By now she down to she panty
Throw she bra on somebody
And she spinning around
Skirt on de ground dirty
Hand in de air with ah shoe waving
Left then to right she jumping
Ah want to leave but I cyah go
Donna putting on ah show
Was ah raving beauty
Now she flaunting it free! Free! Free!

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Roger George
Roger George

Roger George has dedicated his entire life spreading this message with his dynamic voice and enchanting style of entertainment all over the world.


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He sings and performs music ranging from Caribbean, Latin, R&B and Gospel music both individually and with various groups. Whether it be to the clouds or to the stars, Roger George is ready to go right now. Contact him at or 1 (954) 309-0540.

Miguel Reyes

Composer and panist Miguel Reyes, who shares the same hometown with the late Aldwyn Roberts aka Lord Kitchener is from Arima in east Trinidad. 

Recognition came Miguel’s way in 2009 with his acclaimed ‘pan tune’ Bandoleros, vocalized by “Tunapuna Scanty.”   It took Sforzata Steel Orchestra in Trinidad & Tobago’s medium band category to winner’s row.

International acclaim via New York was just a few months away when two veteran and world-renowned steel orchestras - Despers USA, and eventual Panorama champion Sonatas with arranger Yohan Popwell -  also opted for Bandoleros as their panorama tune of choice.

Currently residing in New York, about three years ago Miguel released his first full CD called “Panorama Fest 2010.”  His original content included such as Pan Injustice and  De Last Band.

A competent musician, the last time around Miguel Reyes put out Pan Is Meh Life, In Meh Band and Mr. Pan.  He is back for the 2015 Panorama season with Donna (Rebecca Daughter) - featured here.

Bio by C. Phillips


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