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sung by “Trinirollo”
composed by Roland A. Barnes

arranged by Loughton Sargeant



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Verse 1

Yuh get ah text
Out of de blue
One of yuh friends
Checking up on yuh
How is yuh day
Yuh feeling ok
Just calling to say
Thought of you today


Ah talking ‘bout friendship
True friendship
Something you could count on
Love, respect, honesty
Traits of ah true friend
Will never desert you
Loyalty to de end!

Verse 2

Someone on de phone
Voice uplifting
You never alone
Friends make time
To show that dey care
Friendship is nurtured
Every day in de year

Verse 3

Healthy friendship
Foundation is trust
Ah sense of pride
Cannot be denied
Friends hang with you
Through good times and bad
Unbreakable bond
Strength to carry-on

Verse 4

Ah true true friend
Stay on de right track
Times of crisis
Always have yuh back
Importance of friendship
Cannot be denied
Foundation is love
Special gift from above!

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Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Roland A. Barnes aka “Trinirollo”

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Roland Barnes—sobriquet “Trinirollo”—an Executive Vice President of The Temple Group, a Program Management and Construction Management firm based in the District of Columbia, has been actively involved in planning and promoting cultural programs for the past forty years in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

As a co-founder, ex-President, PRO, bass player and percussionist of Pan Masters Steel Orchestra since 1985, “Trinirollo” has acquired many creative skills including the promotion of Trinidad & Tobago’s national instrument, the Steelpan.

Motivated by such panists as Don Clarke, Roger Greenidge, Lennard Jack, Jr, Kristen Jones and Ken Philmore, “Trinirollo” has expanded his cultural aspirations to include composing and singing Calypsoes, including Pan genres for the past fifteen years, under the creative musical arrangements of Loughton “Sarge” Sargeant.

His 2015 contribution is entitled, Friendship, illustrating the premise is that “We need to take time and let friends know we care. Friendship should be nurtured every day in the year!”


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