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‘The Girl Next Door (Neighbour)’

sung by Issa Jack of The GKB Project
composed by Issa Jack



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“The Girl Next Door (Neighbour)”
Issa Jack

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

There live this woman close to me
Don’t know I really care for she
Beauty so much it overflow
So sweet I have to let her know
I want I want to be with her
So true I know this is for sure
I need I need her close to me
Today I hope it really be


Neighbour I love you
Neighbour I need you
Neighbour I want you
Neighbour I love you
Neighbour I dig you
Neighbour I want you

Verse 2

Slendor so very nice to see
Happy to see her pass by me
Crazy I do not know her name
This thing I feeling is insane
Neighbour woman I love your style
Lovely I love to see your smile
Woman I’m gonna treat you right
Love you, will Love you day and night



Beautiful like a beauty queen
Centerfold from a magazine
Yes - the woman she looking good
‘Nicing’ up the whole Neighbourhood
Beautiful every man desire
Looking good


Verse 3

Trinbago - this is how we roll
Grenada - this is how we roll
Crop Over - this is how we roll
Whole Caribbean  - the Soca Girl
New York, Miami so we roll
Toronto - this is how we roll
Notting Hill - this is how we roll
So we do it, go tell the world


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Issa Jack of The GKB Project
Issa Jack

The GKB Project is a production company based in Houston, Texas. The founder is Issa Jack, a bass player hailing from the island of Tobago. Issa is a musician who has played and travelled extensively with different bands from Houston, New York, Asia, Europe and Trinidad and Tobago.


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The Project’s name came about as inspiration in memory of his late brother George “Katie” Brown (GKB) who passed away a few years ago.

Issa’s philosophy is that music can bring people together, bring about change, and inspire and unite people being exposed to different genres of music. At an early age Issa believed one shouldn’t restrict one’s self when creating music, because the sound of music travels freely through the air. So this is how one should be when creating and producing music.


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