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sung by “Superblue”
composed by Robert Greenidge



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Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)



Verse 1

From the fires of hope and prayer the steelband appear,
From the fires of hope and prayer where the air is rare,
We conquer the east and the west, conquer the north and the south,
Steelband music come from all about,
Pantastically they was amazed, when the pan fire start to blaze
I am proud to know that we invent.
The National Instrument, of Trinidad and Tobago,
Wo yo yoi we go pantarise every show ÒheyÓ


(Hip Hip Hooray) x3 T and T, (Hip Hip Hooray) x 3 be happy,
From Alexander rag time band, Sardine pan, Klim pan,
Searching for the home of madame tone,
(Hip Hip Hooray) x3 T and T, (Hip Hip Hooray) x 3 be happy,
God bless our nation, love and protect the tone,
Blessed is the child that haveth his own ÒAyÓ
(Ting a ling, jump up tone) x 3,
ting a ling a ling a ling a ling
(Ting a ling, jump up tone) x 2, Ay,
Desperadoes have them up on their toes
(Ting a ling, jump up tone) x 3,
ting a ling a ling a ling a ling a ling
(Ting a ling, Jump up tone) ting a ling, everybody start to take off your clothes.

Verse 2

International who agree, leh meh see yuh hand,
International leh me see, if yuh love the pan,
Wave it from left to right, wave morning noon and night,
Majority goes we all agree,
Panorama night on the stage, all creed and race every age,
Please execute with passion and style,
You could dance how you want to dance,
Please remember to smile,
Wo yo yoi, is time to mash up the show.

Verse 3
Every year patiently we wait for the Carnival,
Every year patiently we wait for the Bachannal,
Culturally like Sunday food,
Pandisciously make we feel good,
Steelband music feeding fans real quick ÒAyÓ,
Shakespeare already say, time to break away,
ma ma yo ah want to dingolay,
If music be the food of love, starting from Jouvert
Wo yo yoi play on is Carnival day Ò DespersÓ


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Desperadoes Steel Orchestra logo

Austin “Super Blue” (formerly “Blue Boy”) Lyons, was born in St. Andrew’s, Grenada. He migrated to Trinidad & Tobago at a young age and became famous from his first foray into the calypso tent world in 1980 with Soca Baptist - a song he penned in 1979, and which won him his first Carnival Road March title. Lyons’ premiere into the calypso art form took Trinidad & Tobago by storm. 

In 1981, Lyons repeated his win with Ethel and in 1983 it was Rebecca, the selection which also clenched the National Panorama title for Desperadoes Steel Orchestra. He would go on to win the annual Carnival Road March title nine times, the last being for Carnival 2013 with Fantastic Friday


Austin “Super Blue” Lyons

The title of Trinidad Soca Monarch (now the International Soca Monarch)  also belonged to “Blue Boy” for a record five times.  By 1991, he was known as “Super Blue.” As his color-referenced moniker suggests, Lyons is famous for wearing blue costumes, and developed a reputation for performing daring antics while on stage for the Trinidad Soca Monarch competitions.

His daughter Fay-Ann Lyons, whose mother is calypsonian Lady Gypsy, is herself a well-known soca musician, composer and performer, and has already herself won three Road March titles.

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In 2013, Fantastic Friday by “Super Blue” caught the musical fancy of no less than four out of ten steel orchestras for the annual New York Panorama event. And they all snagged the top four prizes with their respective arrangements and performances, with CASYM Steel Orchestra taking a super Saturday victory lap when they won the Panorama championship that September night playing the song.

In 2014, Super Blue’s brought back the main track from his 1989 EP (extended play) album of the same name - “Mrs. Pan.” With a partial re-working of the verses, it’s been re-released as Spankin - A Tribute. Now he partners with the great Robert Greenidge to produce Hooray for the 2015 Panorama season. 


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