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‘I Is On Rock of Laventi’

sung by Tellison “Tello” Forde
composed by Tellison Forde



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Verse 1

From Freetown Sierra Leone
Mombasa Kenya
Dakar Senegal
Guinea Conakry
Monrovia Liberia to Hispaniola
Through Grenada to up the hill
Merchants traded
Off my ancestors.
Tribes took to the hill
Making it their home.
Now this generation
Of merchants covert
Intentions for land
Though not shown.


Come leh we sing this song
Roots rock of Lavanti
One that will keep our land
In peace and harmony
Now as we stand with
Spirit strong
Faith that
Just keeps us moving on
Sweet as can be
My Lavanti is home for me.

Verse 2

As events have changed
With time so
Did technology
Experiences differ each uniquely
Up the hill still the
Rock of Ages
Views my Port of Spain
So beautifully,
Their plan now,
Is to get at we land
A move to be made surreptitiously
So they plot destabilization
Undermining Lavanti unity!



Verse 3

Relative to time
We know that our history matters
Some made sacrifices
For you and me
Exercising consideration
Of conditions
As some unwillingly
As we show true appreciation
Being proud and conscious
Of our history
Innate pride
In our roots and culture
Demand respect through solidarity!



Verse 4

I had a conversation
With Dr. Williams
Seraphim, celestial hierarchy
Said his plans
Was to build pan factories
State of the art
All over Lavanti
Change order of states
And was forced
To move on
So saddened to leave my constituency
Confident, as my plans and vision
Manifests Keith Rowley
Leads my party


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“I Is On Rock of Laventi”
Tellison “Tello” Forde

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Tellison Forde
Tellison “Tello” Forde

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Tellison ‘Tello’ Forde is the son of an “Invader” - Cecil “Coye” Forde - and Beryl Isaac. He was born at 67 Rosalino Street in Woodbrook, Trinidad, adjacent to the pan yard of Invaders Steel Orchestra.

That “Tello” was the son of an Invader was proven when Invaders performed at his christening. Father Cecil took the Steeldrum throughout Russia, and was one of the first to introduce Pan in Spain and Morocco in North Africa. Young Tellison followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a member of Invaders Steel Orchestra, and also played tenor pan in New York’s Moods Pan Groove, Pan Rebels and Bramblers USA.

“Tello” enlisted in the US Navy from November 1972 to December 1984, during which time he had the good fortune to serve under the late Commander W.W. Pippenger aboard the USS Brumby DE 1044 which arrived in Chaguaramas, Trinidad in November 1975.

Tellison returned to dedicated service with Sealift Command Department of the Navy for 13 years, always keeping his tenor pan at hand.

He is well known within the steelband community for compositions such as Prophet of Pan and Coye: Pan Religion, among others.

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