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‘I Wonder’

sung by Sheldon “Systamatic” Webster
composed by Nicholas D. Mohan



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“I Wonder”
Sheldon “Systamatic” Webster

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Steel pan is ah wonder of the world
Ah telling man, woman, boy and girl
D steel pan care take of me
Yes it discipline me
So right now this story must be told
I meet ah pan man just recently
He tell me pan is he family
So man you must mention
If wasn’t for de pan
Right now I don’t know where I would be.


Sometimes I wonder!
Sometimes I wonder!
What life would be
Like if I never played ah pan
No Panorama!
Or pan yard fever!
Ah can’t imagine life without D steel pan
Is pan night and day!
Didn’t go astray
Thank you for D great experience
Pan is wonderful Pan is Beautiful
So I don’t wonder no more.


Sometimes I wonder!
Sometimes I ponder!
What life would be like!
If wasn’t for pan!
Would it be better!
Or even sweeter!
Steel pan all over!
Sometimes I wonder.

Verse 2

As I listened quite amazingly
To what this pan man was telling me
With pan he saw the world
Ah good wife, boy an ah girl
Pan takes me through all my pain and strife
Ah still working hard musically
Reaching for your goals is not easy
So to every pan man
And all D pan woman
Don’t give up on all your dreams I say.



Verse 3

As you can see pan is good to me
Now I can give back effortlessly
It’s through dedication
Is how I stick with pan
Sharing with all people of this world
So we must keep reaching for the top
Cause there’s no room for us to give up
To all who has pave the way
Thank you with ah Ramajay
Now let all them steel bands come and play.


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Sheldon “Systamatic” Webster
Sheldon “Systamatic” Webster

Multi-instrumentalist, singer/ songwriter, arranger, producer, DJ and recording artist, Sheldon ‘Systamatic’ Webster is one of the most accomplished musicians to come out of Trinidad and Tobago. Born and raised in the Port-of-Spain suburb of Belmont by his Tobagonian parents, he started disc-jockeying at the age of three. Webster became a student of renowned musicologist, Dr. Dawn Batson, who introduced him to piano, choir, drama and steel pan, at Trinity College in Maraval, Trinidad. While there, he honed his skills and became proficient in every instrument member of the pan family. He went on to play and arrange for award-winning steel bands, Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars and Panazz Players.  His experiences included composing (Panazz “Jazz In The Sun” cable TV appearance) and record producing (Panazz albums “Feelin’ Good!” and “Wrap It Up!”)


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Sheldon was awarded a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, after performing at their annual High School Jazz Fest. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.M. in Music Production and Engineering, completing the four-year program in less than three. His résumé as a keyboardist/ background vocalist/ musical director includes working with Caribbean artistes such as Sugar Aloes, Gabby, Ras Shorty I and his Love Circle, Calypso Rose, John King, Mac Fingal, Andy Armstrong (of Square One), and Lady Saw. After taking time off to raise his family, Sheldon Webster has since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and has resumed writing, recording and performing.

Nicholas D. Mohan
Nicholas Mohan

Nicholas D. Mohan was born in San Fernando, Trinidad. He was first introduced to the steelpan at age 14 with the Point Fortin New Creation Youth Steel Orchestra, under the tutelage of Joseph Lett and Michael George. Since then he has performed with various steelbands in Trinidad and the U.S.

As musical director for New York’s Sesame Flyers Youth Steel Orchestra, Nicholas arranged pieces for the band across different music genres including tunes for the New York Panorama and Bomb competitions. He also arranged winning pieces for pan solo competitions in Brooklyn and Baltimore, Maryland.

Nicholas has performed as a soloist and sideman with a number of steel bands and ensembles throughout the east coast of the US. In 2005, he released his first CD, “Steelin’ the Mood,” which has received rave reviews from both the general public and steel band community at large.

Since relocating to Atlanta, Nicholas has continued his journey by serving as arranger for Pan People Steel Band, producing music for other artists and delivering live performances.


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