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sung by Lincoln “Bosco” Samuel
composed by Albert John



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Lincoln “Bosco” Samuel

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Sitting down one morning
Have a pan playing
I hear a man singing
Is my next door neighbour
Coming round the corner
If you see de fella
How he jumpin’ up all over
He came to me
And say to me
He want me to play this sweet melody


(Ah going back home
Ah want my land
Ah going back home
With my army band) x 2

If you see him jumpin’
Round and round he spinning
Hands in the air waving
So I started playing

Repeat chorus

Verse 2

Next day is the same thing
As I start practicing
For the season coming
Dis man they call “JK”
Up and down the whole day
Love the calypso thing
Saying he’s the new king
He come back to me
So I start to play the same melody


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“JK” composer Albert John
“JK” composer Albert John

Albert John, aka “Bachak,” was born in Rose Hill, Port of Spain, Trinidad. He started playing the steel pan in 1972, where he was the captain of Valley Harps Steel Orchestra. In 1976, Valley Harps won 2nd place in the Junior Pan. In 1976, Albert toured with the Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra in Nigeria. He arranged music with Valley Harps State Music and is now one of the tuners for Valley Harps. He also worked with various other bands in Trinidad and other Caribbean countries. In addition to Caribbean bands, Albert has also worked with several bands throughout western Canada. In 1986 Albert travelled to Canada through James St. Rose and Ray Holman. He taught two programs at the University of Manitoba in 1986 and 1992, where he lived at the time.

Albert is currently a band-leader, teacher, arranger, tuner, and songwriter in Toronto. He is working with members of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.


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Albert’s gentle personality and kindness to other has earned him the respect from everyone who associates with him, especially children and young adults. Albert has written and arranged songs such as the one featured here—JK—and “Around Christmas Time.” Along with his musical endeavors, Albert is also a dedicated husband and father.


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