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‘Mesmerized by Steel’

sung by Roslyn Reid Hayes
composed by Roslyn Reid Hayes

produced by Sharlan Bailey



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“Mesmerized by Steel”
Roslyn Reid Hayes

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

I never appreciate the pan
Ignorant of the sweet rhythm
Until I entered in the pan yard
Now to this day I love it bad
My experience first hand
I see all the glory in pan
One hundred men and women in flight
Like deh playing sweet pan for spite


One two three, the tenors start to play
Bass cellos and seconds all ah dem start to ramajay
I couldn't believe the degrees of energy i feel
I was overcome by steel
Pam pam rhythm section start to jam (oh gosh)
Pam patam patam patam patam went the iron man
Words can’t express emotions I feel
Totally mesmerized by steel

Verse 2

Look how dem foreigners love the pan
And I am a born bred Trinbagonian
It took some time to realize
Its people like me could cause pan demise
Switching channels on mih TV
Changing radio stations I am guilty
Oh I, could still remember that day
I had to pinch mihself when ah hear pan play


Verse 3

Oh what a beautiful creation
Oh what a talented human
To create such infectious rhythm
Out of an old oil drum
Teach the children our history
So they could accept what belong to we
In every school and home let our children learn
To love and respect their own



Oh! It was the sweet music
Emanating from the pan
So catchy and dynamic
It had me in a trance
And ah want the world to know
Wherever you go and yuh hear sweet pan
That’s the music of Trinbago

Chorus (repeat)

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Roslyn Reid Hayes
Roslyn Reid Hayes - (image provided by R. Hayes)

Roslyn Reid Hayes and was born in Belle Garden, Tobago. She started singing Calypso in 1986 and wrote her first Calypso in 1991, becoming a finalist in the Tobago Calypso Monarch Competition, placing third. Hayes also sang chorus in Calypso Tents for approximately five years.


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In 1998 RosIyn quit singing Calypso and moved to Trinidad. She returned home after 14 years, won The Tobago Calypso Queen 2013 and placed 2nd in Trinidad & Tobago’s National Calypso Queen Competition with her own composition ‘With You I Belong.’

In 2014 Roslyn composed and recorded her first Calypso Mesmerized By Steel telling of the day she fell in love with the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. This Calypso made her the reigning Windward Calypso Monarch of Tobago 2014.  The track is featured here.


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