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‘My Melody’

sung by “Lani K”
composed by Miguel Reyes



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“My Melody ”
“Lani K”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Stuck in ah place
Cyah show meh face
Ah feeling  shame shame shame shame shame
But who's to blame

Meh father tell meh
Son you must never let things rule your mind
Doh fall inline
Or get left behind... cause

People  say there is no hope for me
I intoxicated with dis melody.


Play ........ ah going to -  ah going to
Ah going to play play    (rep)
I doh think ah have ah problem
I  think dat de problem is dem macco!
Ah see dem maccoing

I inside meh house no bother
Meh melody getting louder
Over and over and over!

Play! ah going to - ah going to
Ah going to play play  (rep)

Verse 2

Pull meh curtain
Dey cyah see nothing
Having ah time time time time time
Pelting ah wine

Ah feeling pressure cause
Neighbor Lucy like it bothering
She out cursing
‘Bout de loud playing

I, turn it up so now she gone insane
She hearing meh melody over again.


Verse 3

She say ah gone mad
Blasting it hard
Pounding it strong strong strong strong strong
Ah hitting it long

Ah feeling happy cause
I inside meh melody so sweet
I in ah zone
Like ah dog with bone....and

People will say what dey have to say
Ah loving meh melody whole night and day.


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Lani K
“Lani K”

“Lani K” (born Jalani Kojo) grew up in the Belmont section of Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.  As the son of two-time Calypso Queen Twiggy (Ann-Marie Parks-Kojo), “Lani K” definitely was birthed into the tradition of Calypso & Soca music.  From his youthful days, he was a constant performer in the primary school calypso monarch competitions.  Over the years he has honed his skills as a songwriter and producer.  He performed tributes for both internationally-acclaimed Calypso Monarch Dr. Leroy “Black Stalin” Calliste, and the legendary calypsonian Cecil “Maestro” Hume.


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“Lani K” made his 2013 Calypso Tent debut at the Kaiso House Tent in Port of Spain, Trinidad, with his self-penned tune “Old Time Days.”  According to Trinidad journalist (January 17, 2013) David Cuffy “....he exhibited fine voice and stage craft in an impressive 2013 Kaiso House Tent debut...” his impact was dynamic!  

The 2013 season continued with more featured performances around Trinidad & Tobago, with many standing ovations in each performance. In the midst of the season, he collaborated with Black Stalin on the 2013 release “Better Days.”  “Lani K” capped off the 2013 season by being invited to perform as guest artiste in the United States, and appeared in New York and New Jersey at the latter’s Caribbean  Carnival.

Making an impact for years to come... “Lani K” is carrying the torch of the Calypso tradition and blazing the trail for Soca! 

Miguel Reyes

Composer and panist Miguel Reyes, who shares the same hometown with the late Aldwyn Roberts aka Lord Kitchener is from Arima in east Trinidad. 

Recognition came Miguel’s way in 2009 with his acclaimed ‘pan tune’ Bandoleros, vocalized by “Tunapuna Scanty.”   It took Sforzata Steel Orchestra in Trinidad & Tobago’s medium band category to winner’s row.

International acclaim via New York was just a few months away when two veteran and world-renowned steel orchestras - Despers USA, and eventual Panorama champion Sonatas with arranger Yohan Popwell -  also opted for Bandoleros as their panorama tune of choice.

Currently residing in New York, about three years ago Miguel released his first full CD called “Panorama Fest 2010.”  His original content included such as Pan Injustice and  De Last Band.

A competent musician, the last time around Miguel Reyes put out Pan Is Meh Life, In Meh Band and Mr. Pan.  He is back for the 2015 Panorama season with My Melody  - featured here.

Bio by C. Phillips


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