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‘Pan In D Galaxy’

sung by Vanessa Headley
composed by Vanessa Headley

pan performance by Vanessa Headley



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“Pan In D Galaxy”
Vanessa Headley

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

I had a dream
More like a fantasy
A supreme being
Came down to visit me
He took my hand
As we flew to a land
A place he called home
A place to me unknown

A strange feeling
Started to come over me
I was hearing a melody
Commanding me closer
Telling me to join d party and fly


Soaring high
 Touch d sky
 Feel d beat
 And d energy
 This music sweet!
 No place I'd rather be
 Pan in d galaxy

Verse 2

I was amazed
Flabbergasted and dazed
From looking around
Not a person could be found
I turned to the sun
For a revelation
Of this mystery
Astronomical mystery

Music vibrations
Taking over all of me
The sensation
Have me bazodee
Musical colors
Telling me to join the rhythm and vibes


Verse 3

I saw a star
Coming in from afar
Holding the key
The key to this mystery
Then he appeared
In majesty uncompared
Grabbing my attention
Playing a gold Steelpan

Every single part of me
Music set me free
Rhythm in my soul and joy in my heart


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Vanessa Headley
Vanessa Headley

PAN IN D GALAXY is the 2015 Pan Tune, composed, arranged and sung by the vibrant Vanessa Alexandra Headley. Golden Hands will perform her arrangement of this beautiful track in the upcoming Panorama season. In this her debut vocal recording, Vanessa charts a new course that takes the steelpan instrument to new frontiers. She has employed word-painting through her choice of musical elements, especially the sparkling melody, which she has combined with lyrics that transport you on a fantastic galactic adventure.


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This pioneering work is of historical significance, as it is the first time that a panorama selection has been composed, arranged, scored, vocalized and adapted for steelpan performance by a steelband arranger. Vanessa even does the ad lib. solo on double seconds.

At the age of four, Vanessa became the first member of the renowned Golden Hands (Steel Orchestra), and is currently the radio hostess of Steelpan City on W.A.C.K. 90.1 FM. She is a virtuoso panist, and has won several Steelpan Festival championships. She has been successfully arranging since the age of fourteen and placed first in the Caribbean in the CSEC Music Examinations. She is an honours graduate of The University of The West Indies and is the first panist to have received an academic scholarship by Berklee College of Music. Vanessa was also selected to perform in the College’s Five Week All Star Funk Fusion Band.

Dis music sweet….. Pan In D Galaxy


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