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‘Pan In Church’

sung by Abena Nevis
composed by Steve “GospelPan” Reid

lyrics edited by Bernadette “Mannette” Reid
pan performance by Earl Brooks, Jr.
arranged by Frankie McIntosh



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“Pan In Church”
Abena Nevis

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

I remember Churches taking a stand,
not to use Steel Pans,
in their Sunday services.

People said the Pan was too worldly,
for ordained clergy,
they had other preferences.

Bridge 1

Then God opened their eyes
and they realized,
It’s good to have Steel Pans in Church.

Pre chorus

Rejoice, come clap your hands,
To the melodies and harmonies of the Pan.

The sound, blesses your soul,
When Tenors roll, and God takes control.


Pan in Church,
I never thought there’d be
Pan in Church,
So many people love
Pan in Church,
The Churches are playing
Pan in Church
Pan is Heaven-sent, a God-given instrument,
that’s why, we have Pan in Church.
Pan is Heaven-sent, a God-given instrument,
that’s why, we play Pan in Church.

Verse 2

It’s amazing how a Steel Orchestra,
can sound at Easter,
Like a Broadway musical.

They can play a hymn on Pan for you,
In Soca or blues,
R&B and Classical.

Bridge 2

It’s Heaven at Christmas,
when they play for us,
the Hallelujah chorus!

Pre chorus


Verse 3

There is irrepressible excitement,
when this instrument,
Is employed for giving praise.

When a Pastor or a church member,
Plays on a Tenor,
It’s a sweet melodic phrase.

Bridge 3

This profound gift of love,
came from God above,
So that we can lift up His name!

Pre chorus


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Abena Nevis
Abena Nevis


Abena was born on the beautiful island of Nevis, in the twin federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. She was born to accomplished singer Erlene Amory (also known as Jacqueline Erlene Williams-King) and the Honorable Vance Amory (Premier of Nevis and well-known cricketer). Abena was exposed to and influenced by music at an early age. With the variety of music she heard while living there, coupled with her mother’s singing... it was just a matter of time before Abena unveiled her ability. While performing a Mothers’ Day song, Abena discovered how much she loved singing... and everyone else discovered she was naturally blessed with the same gift her mother has... a beautiful voice. Abena went on to sing and win competitions (Music Festivals) while living in St. Vincent, during her Middle School years. By the age of 12, Abena moved to the U.S.

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She continued to sing and during her High School years, started with a gospel choir, Raymond Trapp and the Voices of Praise. While there, she sang tenor and reached the semi-finals one year at the McDonald’s Gospel Fest... and went on to be a finalist the next year. Abena also sang with the choir at the Pathmark Gospel Fest (performed at Grand Central Station, NY). Afterwards Abena joined a Soca band by the name of the BQE Band. While with them, she performed at Carnival and other events in the cities of New York, Miami, D.C., and Virginia. Abena stayed busy... she would sing background vocals for many people on their albums. She has also sung backup on stage for different artistes including well-known Soca artist Alston “Becket” Cyrus.

Bernadette “Mannette” Reid & Steve “GospelPan” Reid
Bernadette “Mannette” Reid & Steve “GospelPan” Reid

Born in South East London, Steve “GospelPan” Reid has been involved in pan, both as a player and as a band director for more than twenty-two years.

It was after attending the Notting Hill Carnival at the age of nine that he wanted to join a Steel Band; in 1989, that dream became a reality when he joined Calvary Steel Orchestra and two years later, became its director.

Steve has also collaborated with Ray Holman and David ‘Happy’ Williams on a total of six compositions, which have yet to be heard; the songs range from gospelypso, to praise and worship to contemporary pop styles.

He wrote this song, he says “to show the world, that you can play Pan in Church.”


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