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‘Rumbling Shores’

sung by Wayne “T.J.” Pierre
composed by Wayne “T.J.” Pierre

arranged by Dave Ramoutar



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“Rumbling Shores”
Wayne “T.J.” Pierre

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

I sit down fishing, two in the morning
In Tetron Bay, watching seagulls play
The place was silent as if abundant
Not a soul in sight, on this moonlit night
I hear pang, pang pa dang, pang, pang on the shore
So electrifying ah had to explore
Ah hearing ah melody, rising outta the sea
So ah tie mih line on a tree
And ah gone to check out that melody.


I hearing pan pang doom pang pan on the sea shore
Some oil drums in the water ramajaying together
Lord ah hearing pan, rumbling on the sea shore dat night
Ah blow hole in the rock face boom,
Vroom vroom like ah bass
Pang, pa dang dooms pang, vroom, vroom
Pa dang pa dang doom pang, vroom and vroom
Pa ah Lang pang doom pang rumbling on the shores.

Verse 2

Like all around me, nature was singing
This melody in harmony
I could hear the echo every time de wind blow
Of water and steel sounding so real
With the pang pang pa tang pang pang in the air
That lovely sweet melody, fill the atmosphere
With a hypnotizing tempo, all the harmonies start to grow
Then the whole shore line just explode
Into a musical crescendo



Wind blowing, trees shaking up
This jamming could never stop
Hear de shore line rumbling
Hear de shore line rumbling
Look at all them fishes
Jumping up in the sea
Prancing to the melody
’Cause it sounding so sweet.

Verse 3

You know dem soldiers leave they raft in the water
The drums get away, and they start to play
As the waves came crashing, the drums colliding
Against the shore, a musical war
With this pang pang pa dang pang pang in mih head
This melody go paint de town red
If ah capture that melody, raising out ah the sea
And take it to the savannah
Go be bacchanal for Panorama


Pang, pa dang dooms pang, vroom, vroom
Pa dang pa dang doom pang, vroom and vroom
Pa ah Lang pang doom pang rumbling on the shores.


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Wayne “T.J.” Pierre
Wayne “T.J.” Pierre

Wayne “T.J.” Pierre was born in December of 1964 in Tobago, the sister isle of Trinidad. He has been writing and singing professionally for over 30 years. Coming from a family with a strong musical and spiritual background Pierre’s career began as a young boy in Tobago. Today he is a professional singer, composer and recording artist a.k.a. De Sapper.


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In 2013 “T.J.” wrote and sang two tracks for the Panorama season which were favorably received:  Thank You Bertie and Mash Up De Stage.  The latter was performed as tune of choice by a steel orchestra for that year’s Panorama. Both selections were arranged by Dave Ramoutar.

Ah Cyah Wait made 2014 a very good year for “T.J.” The track was again produced by Dave Ramoutar with background vocals by Carol Jacobs.

This team remains together, and they are back for the 2015 season to give the ‘Pan family’ Rumbling Shores, the new track featured here. Jacobs returns as back-up for the song written and sung once more by Wayne T. J. Pierre.


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