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ĎSteel Band Got The Perfect Paceí

sung by Mervyn Hamlyn
composed by Mervyn Hamlyn



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ďSteel Band Got The Perfect PaceĒ
Merv Hamlyn

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

There is a cause for concern
Protect the art form, or it crash and burn
Itís true that steel bands donít play mas
That shouldnít mean, you have to be second class
Those big trucks will push you out the way
And the DJs, they have all the say
Its carnival, pan also have it part to play
Remember you played a crucial role, since carnival begun
So come back out and letís have some fun


Let me see the flag waving
Let me see the crowd jumping
Men and women jam and wining
Got to be a steel band coming
The music so sweet
People chipping in the street
Why should it come as a big shock?
Why should I be chasing a big truck?
I ainít running no race
Steel band got the perfect pace

Verse 2

The same thing happens every year
After panorama you disappear
I would really be amiss
If I just sit here, and say nothing about this
Itís frustrating, just to find a band
All over town you canít hear no pan
Iím a pan lover, I hope you understand
Here is a very simple plan, a separate route for pan
If you agree with me, just raise your hand


Verse 3

Look what a sailor band did
Took it to the top and knocked off the lid
All stars won band of the year
It already got, those mas men shaking with fear
Use this as a perfect example
Donít be afraid to go and sample
Just play mas, donít be second class
Display the national instrument, and light up the pavement
And make a musical statement

We got pan, up in Laventille
We got pan, all over the country side
We got pan, even on the avenue
We got pan, in we beat, and borough day
Now we want more pan, we want more pan
On carnival day, carnival day



A lil dosage of nostalgia, ainít so bad
When you hearing, just sweet pan, you must feel glad
Thatís why we need a pan ministry
To preserve, this precious, industry

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Merv Hamlyn
Merv Hamlyn

Mervyn ďMervĒ Hamlyn the pan jumbie from St. James, Port of Spain has again brought his musical dish to the table. For 2014 he delivered Pan in Safe Hands, which he felt was a bit of a crossover mix with lots of international ingredients in the menu.


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This time for 2015, Hamlyn  has decided to use strictly flavors and seasonings from all local products for his 2015 song Steel band Got the Perfect Pace, featured here.


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