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‘Steelband Comin’ Down’

sung by Louisa Paul
composed by Steve Neaves

pan performance by Douglas “Dougie” Redon



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“Steelband Comin’ Down”
Louisa Paul

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

You say you doh want to hear pan
De noise you cannot understand
As a sweet steelband start playing
Is you who does start dancing
Steelband and calypso always steal de show
Listen to the music while it play
Tantalizing people all the way
Steelpan music is ours to stay


Ah coming to jam with you
Steelband comin’ down
Ah comin’ to groove with you
Steelband comin’ down
Ah comin’ to bond with you
Steelband comin’ down
Ah comin’ to gel with you
Tenors ringing - guitars strumming –
Bass pan bumping
Steelband comin’ down
Ah coming to jam with you
Steelband comin’ down
Ah comin’ to groove with you
Steelband comin’ down

Verse 2

Ah know you like competition
But what is your contribution
Always looking for a free show
But something I must let you know
Love de pan ah telling you but doh treat it so
Enjoying yourself that I doh mind
Pan man have to pay bills all the time
Time to stop sleeping and help de pan


Verse 3

Panman - ah have ah li’l question
Do you give full dedication?
Stop all de fussing and fighting
Is high time you start uniting
Steelpan - invention of de century
Doh let nobody take it away
You have to work hard at it all day
Time to stop pussy-footin’ around


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Louisa Paul
Louisa Paul


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Steve Neaves
Steve Neaves

Steve Neaves, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s prolific musicians/ songwriters already has under his belt such Parang hits as “Ay Ay Maria” and “Parang d Wrong House,” along with crossover songs “Zu Zung Gend” and “Brunton Jam.”  For the last Panorama season, he delivered Sweet Pan.

Neaves is back for the 2015 Panorama season with his composition Steelband Comin’ Down sung by Louisa Paul, and featuring background Pan solos by Douglas Redon.

Created out of the ZU ZUNG GENG Studios in Petit Valley, Trinidad, Steelband Comin’ Down was written to “BIG UP” all the Steelbands and Pan Players of Trinidad and Tobago for their hard work and encourages them to continue with more dedication and love for the instrument.

Pan lovers and supporters are not left out, with the solid advice to respect the Steelband our National Instrument.


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