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‘Take It Higher’

sung by Juliet Robin
composed by Miguel “Mario” Camps



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“Take It Higher”
Juliet Robin

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

It’s time Pan Trinbago take a stance for Steel pan
The national instrument of this land
………..Since 1963
3 centuries and still look at we
1 million for winners with
120 strong players
Calling on the culture minister
To raise the bar high!
For dem youths to inherit sweet pan!


We want you to
Take the music higher
For pan! pan! pan!
Take the winnings higher
……..For the sake of pan
Sweet pan!
Steel pan!
Re-group………..and come with a
Plan……………..Trinbago must
Take the music higher
Spend your money wiser for the
Heritage of our steel pan

Verse 2

Tuners and arrangers are the ones who receive
The earnings of dem players’ hard work
…Night after night is rehearsing
Dedicated players toiling
But after the big stage some
Players in a rampage
Pan Trinbago do something
You need to stand high!
To represent the bearers of pan



(Steel pan………take it win-nings
For pan…………take it higher
Sweet pan………take the music
High! high! high!
Sweet pan is (take the music)
1 in a million! (take the winnings)
For pan…………take it higher
High! high! high!)  REPEAT

Verse 3

Salute on the radio the sweet music of Pan
The media stations must now understand!
…There is no equity,
Soca and chutney get the money
2 million for 1 man, but
Nothing for the PAN MAN!
Time after time is the same thing
(But!) we need to rise high!
Let us all give the credit to pan



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Juliet Robin
Juliet Robin

Juliet Robin is the daughter of former Trinidad & Tobago Director of Culture Melville Robin. She is classically trained in string, woodwind and keyboard instruments and specializes in the violin, clarinet and piano. At age 17 she was selected to represent Trinidad on a cultural trip to Venezuela to perform with the Caracas Youth Symphony Orchestra. She is the winner of several classes in the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival, including those for composition.


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Juliet has performed as a keyboardist and vocalist with several bands including Charlie’s Roots, Shandileer, Roy Cape All Stars, Andre Tanker and Mano Marcellin. She played the clarinet, bass, drums and piano with female jazz band The Jazz Triple of which she is still a member, but has recently started her own band. Juliet has also performed as a guest clarinetist with members of the Trinidad & Tobago Police Band in a series of concerts.

Her extensive travel throughout Europe, North America and the Caribbean has been either as a member of a band or as a soloist, performing at several festivals and carnivals. Juliet is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and has plans to pursue a second degree in Carnival Studies. She donates her talents to several charities including performing at homes for orphaned children - a cause near and dear to her heart. Although Juliet currently teaches piano, her intention is to continue to share her knowledge of the music business with students interested in pursuing music as a career.

Miguel Camps

Panist/composer/ producer/ and recent songwriter Miguel “Mario” Camps –a BA in musical arts graduate began his musical career at age 9 when he started to play the steel pan with Free French Steel Orchestra from San Fernando, Trinidad. Some years later after a long lull in his involvement in playing pan, during his adolescent years, he hooked up with San City Steel where he broadened his musical scope particularly in improvisation and arranging for pans.

Over the years Miguel has judged and performed for several competitions, two of which were Shades in Steel’s 2002 winning panorama rendition of ‘Dulahin’ and the 2013 Calypso Queen Competition as soloist for Joanne Foster who stole the show with a victory. Miguel Camps is currently a music teacher at Marabella South Secondary School and manages a home studio.

Take It Higher is Miguel’s second outing in composing, writing and producing a “pan tune,” which he also mixed and scored.  His first was last year’s Jam De Pan sung by Whitney “Whitz” Julien. Since the steel pan is his ‘first love’ he looks forward to writing many more pan tunes designed for the pan, and expects great success in 2015 with the bands that choose his song.


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