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sung by Roslyn Reid Hayes
composed by Roslyn Reid Hayes



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Roslyn Reid Hayes

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

When was the last time I hear u say, thanks
To pan woman and pan man for their contribution
When was the last time u pay honour, yes
To pan arranger and tuner,
Who grace we savannah
When was the last time u show
Some kind a gratitude for the pan men of Trinbago
Talking ‘bout Len “Boogsie,” Professor and Earl Rodney
Is time we say thanks to those who live and breathe pan
Clive Bradley, Pat Bishop and Bertie
Gone but not forgotten - they live on in our memory


Want to say thanks, thanks, thanks
Thanks for your dedication, my love and appreciation
Thanks, thanks, thanks, gratitude long overdue
Oh yo yo yo yoy, I’m saying thanks to u
Oh I remember Jit Samaroo,
Manswell and Jerry Jemott too
Trinbago lets make a vow,
To honour we own now, now

Verse 2

All in the East, West, North and South
Bands making preparation, to jam on the Grand Stand
Tuners like Birch Kelman and Roland
Working the pan, dey ready for action
Every arranger knows
When it’s time to demonstrate, time for sharing blows
Talking about Dawn Batson, Avis Bruce, Khari Codrington
It’s time we say thanks to those who live and breathe pan
Carl Katon, Pelham Goddard, Kenneth “Guppy” Brown
Leeandro Noray, Michael Toby and Ryan John


Verse 3

Every season we await pan,
Oh what an occasion, it’s a celebration
Every year we anticipate pan
Dane Gulston in action, Natasha in command
Thanks for what you do
To the pan fraternity, this one is for you
Talking about pan jumbie Duvone Stewart, Delbert Henry
Is time we say thanks to those who live and breathe pan
Winston Gordon,
Robert Greenidge, Herman “Guppy” Brown
You have shown the meaning of true patriotism



Earl Brooks - take a bow
Leon Edwards - take a bow
Ivor Hayes - take a bow
Gerard Balfour - take a bow
Roger Sardinha - take a bow
Steve Jack - take a bow
Kareem Brown - take a bow
Pan fraternity - take a bow
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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Roslyn Reid Hayes
Roslyn Reid Hayes

Roslyn Reid Hayes and was born in Belle Garden, Tobago. She started singing Calypso in 1986 and wrote her first Calypso in 1991, becoming a finalist in the Tobago Calypso Monarch Competition, placing third. Hayes also sang chorus in Calypso Tents for approximately five years.


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In 1998 RosIyn quit singing Calypso and moved to Trinidad. She returned home after 14 years, won The Tobago Calypso Queen 2013 and placed 2nd in Trinidad & Tobago’s National Calypso Queen Competition with her own composition ‘With You I Belong.’

In 2014 Roslyn composed and recorded her first Calypso 'Mesmerized by Steel,’ telling of the day she fell in love with the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. This Calypso made her the reigning Windward Calypso Monarch of Tobago 2014.

For 2015, her contribution—again in homage to the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago—is the track featured here, Thanks.  It pays tribute, and expresses gratitude and appreciation - to the Pan Fraternity of Trinidad & Tobago.


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