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One thing Trinidad and Tobago Panorama 2016 will be remembered for, is the great ‘new’ music each of the big boys - large conventional steel orchestra (large band) category - embraced on their journey to Panorama Champion Gold. Making a big statement with the tunes they have chosen as Tunes of Choice for 2016 - you can hear them screaming - “been there, seen that, done that,” - no time for “retro” tunes.

Indeed, a band’s panorama fortune can be greatly impacted by their choice of tune. Will the band and its supporters connect with the tune? Can the arranger do justice to the tune? The answer is a resounding Yes! Yes! Yes! in this shortened panorama season from this writer’s perspective. The songs chosen thus far fit the orchestras like skin-tight gloves.

The runway to the Panorama is a short one - almost all of the competing orchestras checked in early with WST (When Steel Talks) to give their tunes of choice ample time for the fans to get acclimated to the musical nuances of their respective songs. The creative juices of the songwriters and arrangers are flowing like a river.

Defending champion, Trinidad All Stars has thrown down the gauntlet with a clear message to the other steel orchestra franchises who would dare to even think about relieving them of their crown with “Leave We Alone” -

The lyrics tells it all -- Over the years - was blood, sweet and tears
We hold it together, so now support each other
One hundred and more, we play for the poor
Dey pay us one million, and dey hold back two billion -

See more, and hear the song at:

Not to be outdone - the champion combination of Rudder, Pelham and Exodus Steel Orchestra is coming hard with “De Big Yard.” Verse 1 says it all... 

The fire rages one more time my friends
The fire rages one more time inside our souls
In the yards they’re feeling the... magic
So when they hear the rhythm call they come
So when they hear the rhythm call, the joy begins
In the yards, they’re tossing the tragic -

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Veteran soca and calypso artist “Crazy” wrote on Facebook “I liming in Exodus pan yard with Sir Pelham & Dr. David this year - That combination is worries - Is time Exodus win an next panorama - Go Sir Pelham & King Dr. David.”


Ainsworth Mohammed, CEO of the Exodus franchise says -- “XO would put whatever is needed into 2016 Pan Pilgrimage to do justice to this wonderful piece of music and to make PG and David proud.”

Indeed, one of the more intriguing song-band combinations for Panorama 2016 has to be the legendary Desperadoes-Zanda combination with tune of choice “Different Me.” In fact when Sforzata Steel Orchestra’s management told WST that they were going with “Different Me” -- we were thrilled at the prospect.  Finally - a band going, young, modern and popular. We contacted the “Different Me” camp and told them about Sforzata’s decision. They were very pleased to provide WST with all the necessary supporting material for their song and artist. Secretly, while the WST speakers were blasting with “Different Me” - WST folks wondered aloud if any large band would have the nerve to embrace a song as this. Well - our wishes were answered. As the song says...

Oh lord is ah different side ah me
When ah pumping with energy
Different side ah me
They go see

Is ah different side ah me

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There was an undeniable awakening in the ‘Force’ - Supernovas Steel Orchestra led by Amrit Samaroo is coming with “Breakthrough” written specifically for the orchestra. The mercuric rise of Supernovas was both foretold by the stars and expected because of the sheer talent involved.  

“Like a supernova exploding in front of me, the players
(Jamming, jamming, jamming, jamming), like a spectacle to see,
Like a supernova exploding in front of me, the bass line
(Booming, booming, booming, booming),
I can feel it inside of me
Is Mas in town,
When the band touch-down,...

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There is much more to this tale of the songs chosen for Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2016. Take a listen to the full playlist of new songs chosen for Panorama 2016.

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