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‘Sweet Lime Energy’

sung by Anslem Douglas
composed by Brian “Bean” Griffith

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“Sweet Lime Energy”
Anslem Douglas
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Yuh jumpin’ and getting on real bad in de place
And spankin’ with lil bit of space
Everybody want to know
Why yuh getting on bad so
You take over de whole show
Yah good to go
With a full glass in yuh hand
You ain’t care ‘bout no man - in de place
Go ahead and take ah taste.


Jumpin’ (Sweet Lime) and loving it
Pumpin’ (on time) and shaking it
We go do it right, we come again
Liming day and night, no one to blame
Jam somebody
Sweet Lime Energy
Jumpin’ (Sweet Lime) and loving it
Pumpin’ (on time)...

Verse 2

Yuh causing confusion with dem gal in de lime
So decent they doh want to wine
But when the thing hit them so
They fall in and they don’t know
Some started to go down low
With wine for so
By now everything in flight
They having a good night, and they tight
Everything will be alright.


Verse 3

By this time everybody start to fall in line
And showing they having a time
Who was getting on real shy
They kiss dem feelings goodbye
Because they start to get high
High! High! High!
With all them gal saying something
Everything was bubbling in de lime
So fall in and have a time.


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