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Richard Forteau
Richard Forteau at news conference.  Image via screengrab

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Acting Pan Trinbago President Richard Forteau says Panorama 2017 Will Take Place

Pan Trinbagoís acting president, Richard Forteau announced that Panorama 2017 steelband competitions will take place. The unresolved matter of the non-payment of fees to Panmen since 2016, as well as other matters will be dealt with after Panorama 2017.

Mr. Forteau took over for the ailing President of Pan Trinbago, Keith Diaz.

Mr. Diazís administration has been mired in controversy and repeated claims of corruption, lack of transparency and mismanagement. Of late, these accusations have come from within the organizationís own central executive board. Furthermore, these allegations have resulted in the recent resignations of Byron Serrette - Vice President, Aquil Arrindell - Education Officer, and Cindy Rosemin - Assistant Secretary.