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‘Blows - Redux’

sung by Jimmy Chambers
composed by Jimmy Chambers and Tony Mason

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“Blows - Redux”
Jimmy Chambers
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Tonight fire on the stage
Tonight is total carnage
Who will be champion
The North ain’t showing no mercy
They coming with force and energy
South say they coming hard
The evidence in their pan yard
I hear Tobago flexing their muscle
They ready and willing to rumble
The East done make it plain
That they sharing licks like rain


Blows sharing on the baba green
Green - is mean
Licks in their clothes
Panorama is plenty blows

Verse 2

Big up! the Panorama
Steelbands from all over
Make you wine with excitement
Sexy women bringing their swagger
And the jamming sweeter than ever
Oh what a lovely scene
Here on the baba green
I see all the giants line up already
And arrangers drilling constantly
It’s a rampage
Before they reach the stage




Verse 3

Helpers push the bands on the stand
Players with sticks in their hands
Eagerly wait for the command
A ting ting ting - blast off
The bands now rockin’ of course
In case you didn’t know
They just start to light the inferno
Rhythm, shaking up the foundation
Bass and iron ignite the explosion
Judging will be tight
‘Cause blows passing tonight


Blows Blows Blows
Sweet pan jamming, on the drag, darling

Blows Blows Blows - Oh Laud

Is bacc-o-rama, in the Savannah
Sweet pan on the drag, so pull out your flag
Is Panorama, we have pan fever,
The bands on fire - ohye
Is Panorama, in the savannah...
Game over ohhhye!
Ohye ya yea, ohye yea, ohye ya yea

Betty and Jean, Dutty and mean
On the baba green, Oh God what a scene

Oye ya yea, oye ya yea, oye ya yea
Meh head real bad
But I’m feeling glad
Blows blows blows blows blows
Is blows they pelting
Real Licks they sharing

Let me big up the North stand....

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