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‘National Panthem’

sung by Tellison “Tello” Forde
composed by Tellison Forde

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“National Panthem”
“Tellison “Tello” Forde”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

The memories of the past years linger near
The pain the true pioneers had to bare
The journey which few have taken, was very clear
Through distant land
Some by sea, some by air!


With the gift of my land
And a dream that the pan
Gotta get brighter days
Fill with passion they play--a!
Our true pioneers
Gave their blood, sweat, and tears
Quite a few have passed on
Still the battle was won

Verse 2

Now as I think of the days when my father played
Fought for his life, while defending the pan
And for that cause he was called, rogue and vagabond
Still debut pan through the Soviet Union!


Verse 3

Now in Paris sweet sound of the pans are heard
Through time and distance we’ve seen pan has advanced
Calypsociation rocks when you hear them play
Sweet sound of steel they all say, came to stay



Verse 4

Now today, as we hear Phase II Pan Groove play
Madd music flavored with pans history
And Desperadoes reveal it's a different me
The pans have grown as it show, universally!




All that was done, just couldn’t stop them
Lets celebrate Pioneer pan men
Life, love, and blood
That made this happen, this is their anthem
National Panthem
So let us, join the celebration
Pan Pioneers, of our great nation
Let’s celebrate!  (x4)


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