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‘Rumble In The Jungle’

sung by Chuck Gordon
composed by Mark Loquan and Amrit Samaroo
lyrics by Amrit Samaroo

produced by Junior “IBO” Joseph

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“Rumble in The Jungle”
Chuck Gordon
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)
©COTT All Rights Reserved

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Verse 1

Hear a murmur, coming from far,
It creating a tremor
It’s not thunder, nor no speaker,
Matter of fact, it sounding deeper,
Ah following,
To see what making this grumble,
And it taking me further into de jungle,
What it is I could see,
But a steelband jamming in Surrey,
With music that moving me


Ah hearing the sound of pan
(“Rumble in the Jungle”)
It’s an intense vibration
(“Rumble in the Jungle”)
Like Ali and George Foreman
(“Rumble in the Jungle”)
Bob and weave if you can stand
(“Rumble in the Jungle”)
When they hit the mi-nor key,
Sound like Lions Roar,
I was really baz-od-ee, yes it shook my core,
What this music do to me, I’m not really sure,
All I know ah calling for more!
Wo-ya-yoye, dey rumbling,
Wo-ya-yoye, bass grumbling,
Wo-ya-yoye, Rumble in the jungle...

Verse 2

The winds shifting, it’s exciting,
And the forest is singing
Crickets chirping, keep the timing,
Then the band kick, with their music
To blow yuh mind,
Performing in joy and splendour,
I start to move like I doh have no behaviour
Music from left to right,
Like they spitting fire just for spite
They light up the jungle night


Rumble Jam

Verse 3

As panists sweat, dey fear no threat,
And they command my respect,
What they give us, comes out of dust,
Innovation, is truly genius,
Is time we show,
Panist our admiration,
For bringing fame, love and praises to our nation
Pan so powerful,
It have potential to change the world,
That should be our nation’s goal


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