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‘Pan On Mars’

sung by Einstein Brown
music by Bryan Glasgow
lyrics by Stephen Scott

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“Pan On Mars”
Einstein Brown
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

So I went to my astrologer
She say we need to turn the page
You been playing the Big-Yard all the while
Is time to hit the Universal stage
So, ah calling all steel band leaders
Declaring lift-off time and place
Soon as all aboard the music-rocket
We bussin’ it to outer-space


Pan on Mars, (We beating) Pan on Mars
Tenor and Bass,
Rhythm to make yuh wine your waist
Cellos, Guitars, jamming on Mars
(We) Going crazy, with sweet melody.

Verse 2

We bringing Trini Carnival
To the new Savannah, safe inside a dome
Beauty in color, sound and motion
A perfect home, away from home
All our neighbors, from Mercury to Pluto
Beaming-in to join the fun
An invitation of a lifetime
To a fete dat never done.



(Little Martian men, turn more green
Heavenly-Bodies, like dey never seen
Some Hottie Venusians, invade the festival
When dey breakaway, will be bacchanal) x 2


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