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‘Roll Up On It’

sung by Jimmy Chambers
composed by Jimmy Chambers

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“Roll Up On It”
Jimmy Chambers
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Everybody jumping around looking ecstatic
Plenty people out in the streets, they stopping traffic
Soca people drinking their brew and having a nice time
We partying me and my crew, bussing a sweet lime
Whoh yo yoi! It’s off the chain
Bacchanal is high octane


Roll up on it
Jam up on it
On the road, chipping down the road
Work up on it
Hard wine on it
On the road, chipping down the road

Verse 2

Music blowing up like a storm driving we frantic
Man and woman grind to the beat it's very tantric
Femme fatale flaunting she goods bold and audacious
Testosterone down to the bone getting more amorous
Whoh yo yoi! We feteing hard
In the heat behaving bad



On the road, we're on the road
On the road, Chipping down the road (Repeat)

Verse 3

Soca nation around the world is really massive
Good vibration and mega love, we are cohesive
Revellers playing their mad, having a good time
Bumpers in force, bumpers like rain oh what a sweet lime
Whoh yo yoi! It's Carnival
Sun or rain same bacchanal

Chorus x 2


Chipping, Chipping
Chipping, Chipping.

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