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‘The Best Crime Plan’

sung by Errol Ballantyne
composed by Errol Ballantyne

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“The Best Crime Plan”
Errol Ballantyne
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Since Anaconda
Every prime minister
Go win the war on crime dey does boast
Plan after plan
Forever changing the brand
Day by day things getting worse
And as it getting outta hand…
They like Alice in wonderland
But the best crime plan is the steelband

Chorus 1

When criminals put down dey potow pow for a ping pong
Their lives change dramatically
They transform from gangster to musician
The community once afraid now in glee
Sports and academics is the staple
When we seek to mould the minds of the young
Let us add the steelband to the table
To have ball, the book, and the ping pong


(Tell them) The steelband is the answer
The steelband is the answer
The steelband is the answer to crime
We need a revolution
Pan is the solution
Dat we have been seeking all this time.

Verse 2

Behavioral scientist
Unanimously insist
They know why young people turn to gang
No family life at home
So it easy for them to roam
Straight to a dead end Bang, Bang Bang
But if they channel that energy
To a positive symphony
They will find all the love they need in a steelband family

Chorus 2

The devil does find work for idle hands they say
So much idle hands end up in prison
But if we arm them with pan sticks leh dem ramajay
Lucifer go hold he tail and run
If we want de youths on the straight and narrow way
The panyard is one place they could find
Because when they get behind a pan and start to play
Crime does be the last ting on dey mind


Verse 3

The national instrument
For national betterment
The best crime fighting tool
Children of every age
Grace the savannah stage
To bring glory to their school
We should put the national drum
On the curriculum
And tell crime in e' face we shall overcome

Chorus 3

What was once a haven for the badjohn
Is now an oasis for the community
Bringing a sense of inspiration
And a feeling of security
Yes people feel safe and secure
When bands practice to get it right
They prefer to hear the sounds of the orchestra
Than the ricochet of gunshots in the night.


Verse 4

God so loved this nation
He gave us an invention
That brings joy throughout this world
Now we in a dilemma
It could be our saviour
As we struggle to bring crime under control
We should give an amnesty
A tenor pan for ah' uzi
So we could start bringing back joy to our country

Chorus 4

Lloyd Best once termed the panyard
As the best centre of excellence
We could bring back the paradise we once had
With the steelband at the forefront of the resistance
And if we want keep God as Trinidadian
And he don’t get fed up and migrate
Let us take his blessed invention
And use it to bring down the crime rate


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