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sung by Vanessa Headley
composed by Vanessa Headley

produced by L.A. Records

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Vanessa Headley
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Dis year ah ready
Ready for d road
And dem cah stop me
Trouble overload
Dis year ah ready
Ah cool but ah deadly
Dis year ah ready
Ready for d road

Friends all around me
And we feeling nice
Problems and worries
Surely left behind
Ah moving with my team
So nothing cah phase me
If yuh think yuh could handle we
Better think it twice


Trouble, trouble (x 2)
Ah whoa
Jus’ move out de way
Yuh know we doh play
Who not dead dey badly wounded
Sans Humanité

Verse 2

We causin’ ruction
Everywhere we go
No competition
Cuz we steal d show
Total destruction
Is d only mission
Total destruction
Cuz we doh make joke

Dis is a warning
We takin d streets
And we not joking
D battle is real
Dis is a warning
Everywhere we storming
Dis is a warning
We takin’ d streets


Verse 3

Before d sunrise
We done in a gear
D music is real vibes
Hands up in d air
Before d sunrise
10,000 done take flight
Before d sunrise
Come out if you dare

On d horizon
Doh pray to meet we
Strong like a Titan
Trouble guaranteed
Heart of a lion
In d riddim section
Behind a Steelband
Doh pray to meet we


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