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‘We Cannot Take That’

sung by Simeon Superville
composed by Simeon Superville

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“We Cannot Take That”
Simeon Superville
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

A pan man come out and telling me flat
“Is too much ah years, I really not taking that...”
“All the rumors of skull that people say
Dat Pan Trinbago was in
And how much mil-lion dol-lar debts they are in...”
His cry is “What dat have to do with we,
And in this modern time is like we playing for free,
Why we have to beg for we money - boy this is not funny
So yuh see next year doh play yuh looking for meeeee
Unless we fix dis panman catastrophe...”


(We cannot take that - today
How can we fight back - today
Put way differences…
When would we come together
Wo ya yoe
Even doh it strange
We would make dat change
Joining together to make our voices be heard) x 2

Verse 2

Let’s see who will take up this fire rage
Because a lot of pan men in de place dey on de same page
When they say “No Panorama”
Some people say it shouldn’t ah have none
It’s like some big head take bribe in the foundation
“A thousand” dey take a whole year to pay
Now this “five hundred”
I don’t have nothing to say
Steel band movement lost its meaning
Because of segregation
Pan Trinbago alone can’t take the blame (No)
We ting in a mess boy, dis culture, I am so ashamed.


Verse 3

A panman say “Best I go and sing soca…
Because dis pan thing is too much ah suffering.”
“Imagine my band in a fete jammin’, jammin’ for all we money...
Benjai come, sing one song - and making more than we...”
“One soca monarch winner getting one million,
For Panorama, a large band get a million too,
If wasn’t for de sponsors how could we cover expenses
Man yuh see this thing, it really so unfair...
The thing getting worst, ah doh want to see what happen next year.”



Verse 4

A panman telling me ‘bout he story,
He cried “There’s many nights, ah come to practice hungry,
And many instance to come to practice I had to borrow,
Without shame, no sad face, but dat is real sorrow,
Doh talk ‘bout meh late pay comin’ from work...
And meh overdue of all of meh unpaid bills,
Every time yuh think about it,
We still playing pan for love,
Man yuh feel dem thief will ever get so far...
Jus’ like any game all unfairness does play over”

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