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‘Brotherhood of Man’

sung by George Rampersad
composed by George Rampersad

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“Brotherhood of Man”
George Rampersad
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Tribes and nations far across the seas
Brought together in the West Indies
In the heat and fire of the plantation
We created a unique nation
The African and the Asian continent
Actors in history met by accident
In a common struggle standing side by side
With no room to run and no place to hide


Hand in hand, we walk this land
One united people, Brotherhood of man
Yes hand in hand, let’s walk this land
Caribbean man and woman
Brotherhood of man

Verse 2

Carib, Lebanese, Chinese and Syrian
Spanish, Portuguese, French and Englishman
From this melting pot a culture would grow
Chutney, soca, reggae, zouk and calypso
Different culture, different people, different place
Different religion, different language, different race
When we unite and when we believe
We can aspire and we can achieve



Verse 3

As with any country when people unite
Against what is wrong they can make it tight
Yes we might have crime and mismanagement
Incompetent leaders and poor government
But don’t be discouraged by what people say
We have the ability we will find a way
Even though we’re small I know we are strong
Like a little bird that sings a mighty song



Verse 4

Now as a people we have to move on
Ensure a better life for those yet unborn
We are all related universally
Child of Allah, God and Krishna, cosmic family
So to those leaders who oppress, deceive and divide
It is up to you, you got to decide
Because the women and the men of the Caribbean
We have always known and we have shown we can


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