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“Hookin’ Meh”

sung by “Farmer Nappy”
composed by N. Batson, E. George, M. Hulsmeier, S. Galt & D. Henry

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“Hookin’ Meh”
“Farmer Nappy”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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I’m not leaving that’s impossible to do


Cuz if you want me to go, oh
You cyah be lookin’ de way you do
You cyah be cookin’ de way you do
You cyah be hookin’ meh
If you want me to go, oh
You cyah be lookin’ de way you do
You cyah be wukkin’ de way you do
Because yuh hookin’ meh

Verse 1

Come on!
I doh know what to do so ah pleadin’
Plus you ain’t give me no reason
You tell me dis de end of we season
Mash up we ting jus’, jusso
But you doh understand when yuh watch meh
A swear ah see dat I win de lottery
How yuh go pick up just so and dump me
No, baby no


But yuh pack all meh clothes in a garbage bag
You put it on de ground by de roadside
You tell me get out yuh place, doh come inside
Baby doh do me dat, yuh go break meh heart
Cyah believe you ready to give up on we jusso


Verse 2

No matter what ah say, you eh hearin’
You say de love disappearin’
All de drawer and cupboard yuh clearin’
Mash up we ting jus’, jusso
When ah met yuh, Machel tell me
‘Heh Ha! Dat is ah trophy!’
So if you throw way de ting, it go hurt me
No, baby no

Pre Chorus




Yuh done hook me already
Could it be your cute, pretty face
Could it be de oil in yuh waist
Make me feel like I hadda chase yuh
Hook me already
Gyal yuh smart, yuh know how to spend
Way yuh take care of de children
Dis should never end