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‘Pan Messiah’

sung by “Keet Styla”
composed by Tellison Forde

arranged by Frankie McIntosh

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“Pan Messiah”
“Keet Styla”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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So come and give it up, and leh we big him up

Verse 1

Each note that is played echoes out your name
Some covet wid cokie eye on your fame
Poison darts at your character they threw
For their selfish gain just to conquer you
Subtle schemes dey plotted behind yuh back
Den in anaheim dey launch their attack

So den dey conspire, schemes run like brush fire
Burning yuh bridge all over
Come wid their agenda, to rule pan empire
But dey cannot stop, de pan messiah.


You’re the Pan Messiah
Came and take the pan higher

Pan world you inspire
And no one does it better

No rabi nor bah, bah
With dey covert agenda

Can’t geh way from karma
Where there’s smoke, there is fire.

Verse 2

Wherever they go, shu shuing your name
But no love is lost You still rule the game
Got no time for hate more love on yuh mind
Madd music give dem flashback into time
No sincerity dey give you at all
Dig deh pit and set you up for the fall

Still dey just conspire, schemes run like brush fire
Burning yuh bridge all over
But out of cross fire, was born the pan savior
Tell dem dey can’t stop de pan messiah


Verse 3

Not so long ago was like hand in glove
With plenty high talk about peace and love
But their greed for green California scenes
Change from peace and love to tricks and high schemes
Still you hold your corner not looking back
Pulse jamming and in synch with Phase on track

Still dey jus conspire schemes run like brush fire
Burning yuh bridge all over!
But out of cross fire was born the pan savior
Tell dem dey can’t stop the pan messiah


Higher, higher, higher

Verse 4

Mastery of pan was bestowed on you
With intuition giving you clear view
Through time, space and mind as we all can see
Pan progress you’ve influenced uniquely
Play yuh self well-deserved, have a good time
Subtle forces influencing yuh mind

So let them conspire, you rule pan empire
Made the pan light shine brighter!
Still jazzy as ever, your pan visions greater
That’s the wisdom of the pan messiah


Verse 5

One player told me confidentially
In the USA they don’t want Sharpie
Once the man around real gigs he does play
They can’t eat ah food without ah pay day
Gig security they take seriously
So they have to do something ‘bout Sharpie
So then the dictator, rabi and slick bah bah
Contact the conspirator drafted a big story
Build a frame around Sharpie
Prophecy more high than conspiracy!


Jam him up, and then stab him up,
And then set him up, back stab him up

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