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The Rocket Pan - A Desperadoes Steel Orchestra Specialty

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The Rocket Pan aka Ying Yang, Six Pan -- Invented by the late, great Rudolph Charles of  Desperadoes Steel Orchestra.

In an era that produced special men whose courage, leadership skills, intellectual and creative genius (the likes of whom have rarely been seen since) - Rudolph Charles of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra was indeed part of this select and very rare breed.  He was noted for several inventions and innovations including the nine-bass, quadraphonic pan, triple second, rocket bass, and the chroming of steelpan instruments as well as the use of aluminum canopies.

The Rocket Pan aka Ying Yang, Six Pan -- invented by the late, great Rudolph Charles of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra.
photo by Lyndon Spencer
Rocket pan with Cherylee Goddard-Legair
Cherylee Goddard-Legair with the Six Pan / Rocket Pan - Panorama Finals 2016 - Trinidad self-photo by and © Cherylee Goddard-Legair

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