2020 Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
 - Live Stream

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, S.A. -  The true African flavor of Brazil’s Carnival tradition can only be experienced at the Carnival in Salvador. The fervent expressions of Afro Brazilian folklore, music and, dance are brought on by the Trios Electricos, which are motorized floats carrying musicians and singers, putting everyone into a festival trance. Musically speaking, the Carnival in Bahia is way ahead of its counterpart in Rio with the sounds not limited to the samba. Today, revelers enjoy dancing to axé music, which is a fusion of African and Brazilian pop that became popular in the mid 1980s. The Carnival is still a well organized event despite being a street party with security agents and line monitors that ensure the smooth flow of every parade.  This is a live stream for 2020.

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   Carnaval de Salvador da Bahia

Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil