Single Pan Bands - Complete 2023 Preliminaries Results - Trinidad and Tobago Panorama

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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The 2023 Single Pan preliminaries unfolded from November 11 through 19, 2022. Forty-seven bands faced the judges on various nights in their respective zones: South/Central, Northern, Tobago and Eastern regions.

Now complete, the top thirty move on to the National Single Pan Semi-Finals on Saturday November 26 at the Arima Velodrome in Arima, east Trinidad. Starting time is 4.00 p.m.

San Juan East Side Symphony and Marsicans Steel Orchestra are defending Single Pan co-champions, and San Juan East Side is in the lead going into the semi-finals, while Marsicans occupies the fifth spot presently.

The full preliminary results follow:

2023 Single Pan Bands Preliminaries Results

Place Single Pan Band Tune Points
1st San Juan East Side Symphony ‘Earthquake’ 270
2nd Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony ‘Bashment To Carnival’ 269
3rd World Wide Steel Orchestra ‘Ooh La La’ 266
4th Chord Masters ‘First Experience’ 265
5th Marsicans Steel Orchestra ‘Pan By Storm’ 264
6th Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service Steel Orchestra ‘Caribbean Connection’ 262
6th Metro Stars Steel Orchestra ‘De Band Coming’ 262
8th Arima All Stars ‘One Day’ 261
8th Pan Elites ‘Long Time’ 261
10th Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Steel Orchestra ‘Jab Jab’ 260
11th Woodbrook Playboyz Steel Orchestra ‘Kaka Roach’ 259
12th Gonzales Sheikers ‘Out And Bad’ 258
13th La Creole Pan Groove ‘Long Time’ 257
13th Trinidad & Tobago Prison Service Steel Orchestra ‘Take Ah Borrow’ 257
13th Platinum Steel Orchestra ‘Party Time Again’ 257
16th Brimblers ‘All Ah We Is One Family’ 256
16th La Famille United ‘Get Something and Wave’ 256
18th Nu Pioneers Pan Groove ‘Get Something and Wave’ 255
19th D' Original Woodbrook Modernaires ‘Fiery’ 254
20th Blanca 47 ‘The Will’ 253
20th Stardust ‘Breakaway’ 253
22nd Uni Stars ‘Flag Woman’ 251
22nd Pan Stereonettes ‘Fantastic Friday’ 251
22nd Pan On the Move ‘Long Time’ 251
22nd Curepe Polyphonics ‘Band from Space’ 251
26th Trinidad Nostalgic ‘Curry Tabanca’ 250
27th Pan Jammers ‘Rain-O-Rama’ 249
27th San Juan All Stars ‘Pan Night and Day’ 249
27th Royal Stars Pan Symphony ‘Festival Song’ 249
30th Scrunters Pan Groove ‘Mash Up’ 247

31st Natural Mystic ‘Rebecca’ 246
31st Trinidad East Side Symphony ‘Out and Bad’ 246
33rd New Age Trendsetters ‘Fire Coming Down’ 244
33rd Belmont Hi-Larks ‘Mash Up’ 244
33rd East Phonics ‘Roti & Talkarie’ 244
36th Brazil RX4 ‘Buss Head’ 242
37th Pan Angels ‘Out and Bad’ 241
37th St. James Tripolians ‘Rebecca’ 241
39th Edinburgh 500 Steel Ensemble ‘Caribbean Connection’ 240
39th La Romaine Super Vibes ‘Mash Up’ 240
41st Nostrand Symphony ‘Get Something and Wave’ 239
41st Harlem Syncopators ‘Mash Up’ 239
43rd Magic Notes Rebirth ‘Mash Up’ 238
44th Jah Roots ‘Bring Drinks’ 230
44th Cocorite Road Pan Groovers ‘Ah Want It’ 230
46th Nuttin Big Pan Groove ‘Long Time’ 229
47th Spree Simon Harmonics ‘Savannah Grass’ 226

** Complete Summary of all competition Results


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