Order of Appearance for Junior Steel Orchestras Finals - Trinidad and Tobago 2024 Junior/National Schools Panorama

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  Steel orchestras from twelve Primary and ten Secondary schools, along with ten ‘21 and Under’ bands, compete for titles in their respective categories. These junior steel orchestras are having their own chances at steelband glory on Sunday January 14 with Finals performances scheduled for the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, beginning 9:00 a.m.

2024 Junior National Schools Panorama - When Steel Talks (WST)

Primary and Secondary schools are within the umbrella of the Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Education’s National School Panorama. Pan Trinbago oversees the 21 and Under category, where several of the junior arms of major steelband music organizations take their own time to shine. The day’s overall music showcase is a collaboration among the Ministry of Education’s National School Panorama Committee,  Pan in Schools Coordinating Council (PSCC) and Pan Trinbago.

Live Stream - 2024 Junior National Panorama Finals

Following are the respective Orders of Appearance for each category:

2024 Junior Panorama Order of Appearance

Primary Schools

Play Order Orchestra
# 1 Febeau Government Primary School Steel Orchestra aka ‘Febeau Pan Giants’
# 2 The University School
# 3 Bethlehem Boys’ and Girls’ R.C.
# 4 Couva A.C.
# 5 San Fernando Boys’ R.C.
# 6 St. Mary’s Government Primary School
# 7 Vance River R.C.
# 8 Guaico Presbyterian Steel Orchestra
# 9 St. Gabriel’s Girls R.C.
# 10 St. Margaret’s Boys’ A.C.
# 11 Fifth Company A.C.
# 12 Nelson Street Boy’s R.C.

Secondary Schools

Play Order Orchestra
# 1 Holy Cross College
# 2 St. Francois Girls’ College Steel Orchestra
# 3 Bishop Anstey High School POS
# 4 Bishop Anstey & Trinity College East (B.A.T.C.E.) Steel Orchestra
# 5 South East POS Government Secondary
# 6 Holy Faith Convent, Penal
# 7 San Juan North Secondary
# 8 Providence Girls’/Queen’s Royal College
# 9 St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph
# 10 NAPS Combined Steel Orchestra (Naparima Girls High & Naparima College)

Under 21/Non-Schools

Play Order Orchestra
# 1 Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra
# 2 Panosonic Connection Steel Orchestra
# 3 Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra
# 4 Tropical Angel Harps Youth
# 5 Cordettes Academy for the Arts
# 6 Siparia Deltones Junior Steel Orchestra
# 7 Desperadoes Youth Steel Orchestra
# 8 Fonclaire Juniors
# 9 Supernovas Youth Steel Orchestra
# 10 Phase II Pan Groove Junior Steel Orchestra

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