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Finals: Order of Appearance for SMALL Steel Orchestras - Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama 2024

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  Tobago’s New East Side Dimension Steel Orchestra has maintained its lead coming out of the preliminaries and going into the home stretch of competition on final night, Friday January 12. Skinner Park in San Fernando, south Trinidad is the host venue - where four of the fifteen final steelbands in the small conventional category are from sister isle Tobago, including title defenders Uptown Fascinators.

Golden Hands Steel Orchestra will deliver the opening musical salvo in the competition, and is one of three qualifying bands from the South/Central region. With arranger Vanessa Headley-Brewster, Golden Hands is determined to do the region proud once more and keep the championship trophy right there in the South. And the band knows what success tastes like, having been at the top in 2018.

There are also three finalists from the Eastern region, and La Horquetta Pan Groove will be the first heard from when they play in position three.  The North is the most quantitative for 2024 in the finals, with five steel orchestras ‘reppin’’ the region. Tokyo Steel Orchestra will be one of the most watched - and listened to - as they go toe-to-toe with the other bands from a third-place tie in the semi-finals. The veteran champion arranger Carlton “Zanda” Alexander, together with Rikky Andre Robley, is responsible for Tokyo’s great musical strides as they show out on final night for the first time in years.

Organized by Pan Trinbago, this annual Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama season has already fielded the Single Pan category which concluded with Chord Masters Steel Orchestra triumphing back on December 3.

Start time for Friday’s finals is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. AST (Atlantic Standard Time).

Following is the Order of Appearance for final night competition in the 2024 Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama - for the SMALL conventional steel orchestras.

Color Key East Zone Region North Zone Region South/Central
Zone Region
Tobago Region

Small Steel Orchestras - Finals:  Order of Appearance

  #1 Golden Hands Steel Orchestra

Vanessa Headley
Vanessa Headley-Brewster
  #2 New East Side Dimension

Toco Band
Kersh Ramsey
  #3 La Horquetta Pan Groove

Spring Garden on Fire

Stefon West
  #4 Fusion Steel

Free Up
Darren Sheppard
Darren Sheppard
#5 Tokyo 

Sing in She Party
Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
  #6 T&T Defence Force 

Ben Lion
Steelband Panorama arranger Shaquille Vincent
Shaquille Vincent
#7 Fascinators Pan Symphony

Deputy Amrit Samaroo
Amrit Samaroo
  #8 Uptown Fascinators

Chutney Bacchanal
Ojay Richards

  #9 Roadblock

Jahaji Bhai
Dejean Cain
  #10 Panosonic Connection

Ragga Ragga Marclon Byron
  #11 St. Margaret’s Superstars 


Sheldon Peters 
  #12 Tobago Pan-Thers

Micheal Toby
Micheal Toby
  #13 Arima Golden Symphony

Doh Back Back
Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
  #14 Harvard Harps

Dead or Alive
Liam Teague
Liam Teague
  #15 Our Boys

Say Say
Marlon White
Marlon White

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