Alvin Daniell (photo courtesy of AD)

Alvin Daniell

Steelband Music Writer, Composer and Publisher

Alvin C. Daniell - Engineer, Cultural Researcher, Television Presenter, Composer and Music Producer comprise the disciplines of this individual.  In the pan world he is best known for his lyrical work with some of the top pan arrangers in Trinidad and Tobago. These include Ray Holman (Pan on the Move, Pan on the Run); Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Mind Yuh Business, Misbehave); Pelham Goddard (Parade, Play My Music, Good News, A Happy Song); Brian “Bean” Griffith (Trini Know How, Pure Party, How We Coming – 2011); Don Clarke (Can’t Get Enough, Momentum – 2011).  He has also worked with Edwin Pouchet to produce several hits such as Thunder Coming, First in de Line, Battle Zone, It’s Showtime!, Gie Dem Tempo, Keshorn – The Javelin Champion, Pan is Carnival  and Shock Attack.  among others.

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Alvin Daniell is a qualified Mechanical Engineer by profession and Director/Owner of the Air Conditioning contracting firm, Comfort Engineering Limited, which was founded in 1979. Despite this he has been involved in music almost all of his life. He is a composer, television presenter on cultural events, and has served as an adjudicator for Calypso Competitions, Pan Competitions, National and Caribbean Song Festivals and various other cultural competitions in Trinidad and throughout the Caribbean. He has conducted workshops on Calypso and Pan in Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, St. Lucia, Antigua and Miami.

In the seventies he began composing calypsos and is best known for his joint compositions with Ray Holman of "Pan on the Move" and "Pan on the Run". In the eighties he also teamed up with Len "Boogsie" Sharpe to produce a number of hits including "Rags to Riches", "Carnival is Bacchanal" and "I like to beat pan". In the nineties he co-wrote with "Boogsie" the well known "Mind yuh Business" and "Misbehave" which were sung by Denyse Plummer. He also worked with Pelham Goddard to compose the Panorama prize winning "Happy Song" and "Good News" sung by Roger George.

He was the Chairman of the Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago from 1995 to 1999 and currently he is the President of his own publishing company, MAJOR & minor PRODUCTIONS LTD. Earlier this year he was appointed Chairmen of a new State enterprise company, Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company (T&T Ent).

Between 1992 and 2000 he produced and presented weekly the popular local program "Calypso Showcase" on national television station, TTT, which featured interviews, video clips and a live call in segment of entertainment personnel. He maintains a comprehensive database on calypso and steelband and he also pioneered the local effort of computer notation and publishing of calypsos and steelband Panorama arrangements in Trinidad and Tobago. On May 15, 2003 he launched "Pan Potpourri" a new radio program on Pan on Power 102 FM, a local radio station. It ran for 28 weeks. He was recognized for his contribution to Culture by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago when he received the Humming Bird Medal, a National Award, in 1995.

Each year since 1995 he has produced a CD compilation of songs composed with the pan in mind.”

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